AC/DC - Beating Around The Bush song lyrics
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???? face and (eleven) eyes
But you keep on tellin' me all those lies
How do you (expect) me to believe
Honey I ????
Baby I got my eye on you
But you do all the things that I want you to do
Stop your crying and dry your tears
I ain't that ???? of yours

And you can ????
And you can ????
The way we do this night
Beating around the bush

I wish I knew what's on your mind
Why I'm feeling so unkind
Talking on the telephone
???? if I was you

Beating around the bush

You're the meanest woman I've ever known
???? break my bones
I know what you're looking for
???? want some more
I'm gonna give you just a one more change
???? raw romance
???? I'm gonna do
The rest is up to you

Beating around the bush
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