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The inequity of fate
The pains of love and hate
The heart-sick memories
That brought you to your knees

And the times when we were young
When life seemed so long
Day after day
You burned it all away

All the hate that feeds your needs
All the sickness you conceive
All the horror you create
Will bring you to your knees

[Lyrics: V. Cavanagh, Music: D. Cavanagh & J. Douglas]

Judgement (1999)
1. Deep
2. Pitiless
3. Forgotten Hopes
4. Destiny Is Dead
5. One Last Goodbye
6. Make It Right
7. Parisienne Moonlight
8. Don't Look Too Far
9. Emotional Winter
10. Wings Of God
11. Judgement
12. Anyone, Anywhere
13. 2000 & Gone
14. Transacoustic