All That Remains - A reason for me to fight song lyrics
All That Remains lyrics
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Biased intentions, the cause for war
They're not our sins, but they're keeping score
The look in your eyes symbolizes
All that we've become
Fight the fight, doesn't matter why
Got a job to do, and we do it right
The look in your eyes, act surprised
What have we just done
Never have I believed in something so strong
Nothing left to go wrong
Never will I break this bond
And now, I'm making a promise to get through
We'll tear it all down and light the fuse
And all I know, I won't leave you behind
And that's a reason for me to fight
That's a reason for me to
No cavalry left that we can call
We're on our own, backs against the wall
We both have spilled our blood before
Don't give up on me now
In a race to the finish line
We took our hits, now it's time to strike
A final push, just one more time
They're on the run
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