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Have not the strongest
And closest ties been bound so long
I've called upon them
They remind me where I'm from
With deep conviction
I am connected cross the miles
With out them nothing worth relying on

It's been so long since I could say
I've needed anything stronger
We can't be wrong when we have ties that bind us
If I rely and I know the strength
In those who taught me of the
Power in the ties that bind

When I turn inward
And look for strength within my self
And demonstrations of courage
Are the result
If inspiration is wholly shared
Then more is the gain
Then I will follow
The selfless actions displayed

We are made powerful

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Chiron lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Chiron, the 5th song of the 12 recorded for the album Overcome, with a total running time of , by All That Remains. It was released on via , and produced by .