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My socks and shoes always match
Is it Luck?
There's a foot at the end of each of my legs
Is it Luck? I can play my bass for you
Is it Luck? Some gals like to kiss my face
Is it Luck? Is it Luck?
There was food inside your mouth today
Is it Luck? Your barber cuts your hair just so
Is it Luck? When the taste of sex is on your lips
Is it Luck? Is it Luck?

Cyanide works oh so fast
Is it Luck? Polyester makes you sweat
Is it Luck? If a graham cracker gets you off
Is it Luck
Love. Love?
Is it Luck? Is it Luck?

Additional lines:

"She said she wanted my body not my mind so I showed her my dictionary
to show the words that I know and how loquacious I can be when I set
my mind down to it, and she wasn't impressed. She wasn't impressed at

She whispered in my ear. she said. `Wanna get lucky little boy?' Well
I smiled. I smiled and I said: "Is it luck?"
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