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Great men with great ideals can be separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles
And still be in the same place
They can be years or even generations apart in age
And yet, somehow, find themselves on the exact same page
When these men join forces to put the focus of reaching the same goals
To attain the same outcomes, they are not two, but one
Instead of simply adding one's common attributes to another's
They somehow tend to multiply all attributes of both
Whether from St. Louis or East Atlanta
Whether from a savage land or a booming metropolis
Whether they are two or two billion
The greatest their numbers could ever become, is to truly become one
I now present to you Savage Mode II
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Intro lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Intro, the 1th song of the 15 recorded for the album Savage mode II, with a total running time of , by 21 Savage. It was released on October 2, 2020 via Republic Records / Epic Records / Slaughter Gang / Boominati, and produced by Metro Boomin, David Ruoff, Elias Klughammer, Honor.