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Ultra-playloaded lyrics

The glitz; the glamour album songs

1. Ho ka hey
2. Human condition
3. Xiola
4. City of 9 gates
5. Winds
6. Happy birthday jubilee
7. Song yet to be sung
8. Did you forget
9. Shekina
10. Our song
11. Say something
12. Seed
13. King z
14. To me
15. Nua nua
16. Admit i
17. Happy birthday jubilee (reprise)
18. Wish upon a dog star
19. Only love, let's celebrate
20. Hard life easy
21. Kinky
22. The solutionist
23. Awesome
24. Mr. sunshine
25. Insanity rains
26. Milky ave
27. Ultra-playloaded
28. Woman in the window
29. (red, white and blue) Cheefulness
30. Pirate punk politician
31. Snake have many hips
32. Machine girl
33. One
34. Where have you been all my life
35. More than i could bear
36. Spend the body
37. Let's all pray for this world
38. Turn over the world
39. Vast visitation
40. Cling to life
41. Love feedback
42. Whole lotta love
43. Rev
44. Go all the way (into the twilight)
45. Nasty little perv
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check here the lyrics for Ultra-playloaded, the 27th song of the 45 recorded for the album The glitz; the glamour, with a total running time of , by Perry Farrell. It was released on November 6, 2020 via , and produced by .