Quiet Riot - Make a way song lyrics
Quiet Riot lyrics
Shut out the backdoor
Stammned down the front
No discipline because
We do what we want
No disrespect ma'am
'Cause I don't give a damn
About it

Kick with crew for
6 days a week
We don't have a plan
To shake the leaves
From the trees
No disrespect and
No disagreeing
What's happening

We going out and on
Screaming like we all alone

Make a way
Don't need no instruction
To decide
Make a way, get your high
Make a way
Don't speak no conversation,
Be denied
Make a way, to survive

I got some friends
Who are looking for some action
Know what I mean?
Where the pavement
Meets the passion
Ain't got a damn thing to do today
Nobody's telling me off

We gonna roll what we got
Save some for later
Don't blow it away
'Fore you know
What you're made of
Push comes to coasting
Most of 'em know how to

Get it on
Like we are alone

Make a way
Don't need no institution
Get your high
Make a way
Don't speak no conversation
Make a way on to survive
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