Quiet Riot - Against The Wall song lyrics
Quiet Riot lyrics

I can't see the forest from the trees
Headin'straight for a catastrophe
One step forward two steps back
Is a heart attack

I'm going'heard first
No warning signs
Out in the danger zone
Every single night

Throw my heart against the wall
Don't know where I'm going
Take a chance and win it all
Breakin'all the rules
Let's throw caution to the wind
Don't know where it's blowing
Throw my heart against
Heart against
Heart against the wall

My head is spinnin
I can't see straight
And that's when I'm havin
A real good day
When the same two muscles
Ignore the brain
You gotta follow your heart
And shive the fate

I got more love than sense
And that ain't no defense
I'm gonna hurt myself
I've been a fool before
And then I closed the door
And walked into the wall
Yes I did !

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