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Coming over the airwaves
Injected through the brain
freeway killer with an audience
Gonna share the pain
It's so insane-Oh yeah

A lot of psycho babble
On the evening news
Put your headline story
Where the sun don't shine

'Cause it's too much information
I don't need
Too much information
For me

There's a porno princess
On the computer screen
Makes the access easy
Turn your children sleezy
Don't you know what I mean

In the morning papers
Half the people can't read
You're desensitized, anestized,
Can't tell the truth from the lies

Feeling kind of anxious-like
A lunatic on the loose
Too much information is the food that
I consume
Instant problem and
Stress all for free
plus tons of bad news coming
Special delivery

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Too Much Information lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Too Much Information, the 7th song of the 15 recorded for the album Alive And Well, with a total running time of , by Quiet Riot. It was released on via , and produced by .