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It's time to party, Let's party
Hang out with yourself and have a crazy party
Hey you, let's party
Have a killer party and Party!

Don't even try and deny it
'Cos you're gonna have a Party tonight
And you know we're gonna do it tonight
We're gonna lose it all
When you open your door!
Party, Party, There's gonna be a party Tonight!

Tension in my hand
When you're standin' there
Not thinkin' anything (It's time to Party!)
Doing it fast, When you're doing it long
Keep gettin' your money (It's time to Party!)
Pounding on one, touchin' yourself
It's not too late (It's time to Party!)
Open your mouth, we're all gonna come... In your face!

It's time to... party, party, there's gonna be a party tonight!
I get wet (2001)
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2. Party hard
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5. Take it off
6. I love new york
7. She is beautiful
8. Party 'til you puke
9. Fun night
10. Got to do oit
11. I get wet
12. Don't stop living in the red