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Keep Me In Mind
For All Of Your Trials
Keep Me Forever
Just Give Me A Day In Denial

Grant Me A Wish
Just A Mistake
Grant Me A Fire To Love
Make Me Feel
Before Its Too Late


Drown Me In Sand
For All Coming Eons
Drown Me In Sorrow
Just Take Me Back Home
Where I Came From

Give Me A Chance
Let Me Explain
Give Me The Cure
To The Sickness I Am
I Cant Take THe Strain
Give Me A Name
Something To Save
Give Me A Meaning
To Live With My Stains
It Cant Be Too Late

All Men On Deck
Take Your Stations
I Am Ready Too Roll
The Countdown Has Started
Im Out On A Mission
Im Going
Im Going Home
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In napalm lyrics

Black waltz album songs

1. Let us die
2. Torn apart
3. Ready for the die
4. In napalm
5. Black waltz
6. Blod
7. Let it burn
8. One touch
9. Paint me red
10. Smells like a freakshow
11. Use your tongue
12. Dying to see you dead
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check here the lyrics for In napalm, the 4th song of the 12 recorded for the album Black waltz, with a total running time of , by Avatar. It was released on January 25, 2012 via Gain Music Entertainment, and produced by Tobias Lindell.