Prophets Of Rage - Strength in numbers song lyrics
Prophets Of Rage lyrics
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Workin' 9 to 5
All your life feeling like you left behind
Every day's a struggle
Praying for a peace of mind
Livin in division
Listen something's fuckin missing
Your mind is in a prison
I'm a free it check the vision
Fuckin unify
Unify motherfuckers unify
Raise up like fist
Smash it like it's do or die

Standing on a rock
Staring at the cop
With the hose in hand
Fire water hit the fuckin flock
We don't want no pipeline
Injustice of our life time
Others turn away like they don't see it spendin life blind
High crimes
Does it make you wonder
Stand together
Because there's strength in numbers

There's strength in numbers

Strength in numbers
Unify or it's do or die


Now the world wide web
Be checkin what I said
Like I'm praying like I'm saying
What's inside my head
You forgot a motherfucker
Be on soc med
And you rally round the family
Feds left for dead
Sleepy eyes from the sheep
Who be looking at peace
Lie receivers
Father time
Fooled the believers

That's why they're believin

Strength in numbers
Unify or it's do or die

Unify or it's do or die

Strength in numbers
Unify or it's do or die

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