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Decapitated songs lyrics

Decapitated - Anticult album lyrics

Anticult album lyrics

 released July 7, 2017
 via Nuclear Blast
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1. Impulse song lyrics
2. Deathvaluation song lyrics
3. Kill the cult song lyrics
4. One-eyed nation song lyrics
5. Anger line song lyrics
6. Earth scar song lyrics
7. Never song lyrics
8. Amen song lyrics
Decapitated - Nihility album lyrics

Nihility album lyrics

 released February 2, 2002
 via Earache
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1. Perfect dehumanisation (the answer?) song lyrics
2. Eternity too short song lyrics
3. Mother war song lyrics
4. Nihility (anti-human manifesto) song lyrics
5. Names song lyrics
6. Spheres of madness song lyrics
7. Babylon's pride song lyrics
8. Symmetry of zero song lyrics