American Standards - The complex death machine song lyrics
American Standards lyrics
Our fears are razor thin but always seem enough

They cut right through the skin and settle setting rust

We'll carry this weight
Carry this weight
Carry it to the grave
Carry this weight

And as the cockroaches crawl from their holes
They survived, intact but alone
Breathe in the heartache of living a life in regret
It's a crime

We laugh and dance on open graves
As the nails rain down

It's like pulling teeth
Grounded by our roots
And riddled with disease
I've got to find something that damn kids believe

We here aren't very long
No time in wondering where we all belong
I can't relate
I can't relate at all

We laugh and dance on open graves
As the nails rain down

We've become smokestacks of men
Polluting the earth with our material filth
The wreckage lining our bones
And our tongues bitter from the taste of failure
But at the first site of that sun
We need to come out of the darkness and step into the light
Oh I know the house has its money on death
But living has a nice stride
So I'll play the odds
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