American Standards - The red queen song lyrics
American Standards lyrics
Do the worker bees die on their knees through the time lines that they live/Devoted to the red queen and the hives best practices/The innate capacity to understand /Decipher the blueprints to master plans devised thousands of years ago/March to the drum/The trumpets false prophets/Propaganda the dialog of choice/Rewired brains/Antennas receptive to what's black and what's white/Diluting our minds/Stand idly by/Find comfort in submission/Assembly line editions/From cradle to grave, we've romanced the idea that silence is golden/Seducing the mainstream with my punk rock ideals/Hey worker bees/Hey soldier ants/With tongues sharp as knives you must clench your teeth/Speak up/A revolution built upon sound bites/Falling in and out of the context.
Still life (2012)
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