American Standards - Harvester song lyrics
American Standards lyrics
Now is the time we figure things out or we both go our separate ways/Have they taken our will and the thrill of the fight or are we giving them hell to pay/It's not alright/It's not okay/It's not the way things have to be/It's gone on too long/Complacently/Comfortably numb/The human disease/Abstract oblivion/All fore mentioned just doublespeak/We're overwhelmed with the underwhelming/Over fed and starving for more/Buying all the pitch is selling/If the good die young/What am I trying for/Still life surrealist/You've lost your way/We've found the movement in the rhythm of the beat/Our destiny is machine made/Living life through these minor chords/Taking the path of least resistance instead of following our hearts/Flat-lined/No we don't have a pulse/Our blood is on the market/Stock prices are falling/The thief has broken in but there is nothing left to steal/Robbed of each last dignity/Salivating at the kill/A televised rendition of this lethal injection/Perfecting imperfections peeling back each layer of skin/If this blood in my veins was oil, they'd kill me, bleed me dry, salivating at each last drop/We put a price on our time/We put a price on our life/We put a price on our heart and now we have nothing left to sell.
Still life (2012)
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