American Standards - Paradigm alt+shift+delete song lyrics
American Standards lyrics
Sent down to corporate gallows/Stepping stones for the strong to survive/Hanging from neck ties as we swing/We don't have the look, no we don't have the face for your new business model/I'll be gone a long time, baby/I'll be gone a long time, honey/Overworked and underpaid/Coffins for cubicles and I'm underdressed/A wolf in sheep's clothing at the company masquerade/Soul train down the profit margin/I'm just trying to keep my head above the water/It's getting harder everyday/Becoming one with the machine/I don't know where it ends and where we begin/remove the heart but demand the function/All for progress and production.
Still life (2012)
1. Self (en)titled
2. Raised by wolves
3. Bottom feeder
4. Paradigm alt+shift+delete
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6. The red queen
7. Still life