American Standards - Bottom feeder song lyrics
American Standards lyrics
These poison fingertips/The venom on your lips/Taste of regret and the mistakes that you have made/Misery loves company/I'm the death of that party/Bottom feeder/Parasite/You seize the day/I'll seize the night/Parasite/Devil lady/Release your grip/You've got a hold of me, but you ain't seen nothing yet/If you've got the knife, I've got the disease/I want to cut every bit of it out of me/I want to build you up just to knock you down/Fill half your cup just to watch you drown/We're the best at finding all the bad/We don't care what we've got/It's what we do not have/Bottom feeder/Parasite/You seize the day/And I will seize the night.
Still life (2012)
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