American Standards - Church burner song lyrics
American Standards lyrics
We define the new divide

Share the headlines
An extremist in bold face type
We're all people but compassion doesn't sell
And there's no time for independent thought

There are no divisions outside the ones that we create
Tear down the walls and build up a bridge

We define the new divide

They drew an arbitrary line
Painted us in black and white
I refuse to take a side
I refuse

Fear is the fashion they parade down the aisle
Fear is the fashion and it ain't ever going out of style

We don't want another title to tell us who we are

We define the new divide
Anti-melody (2017)
1. Writers block party
2. Carpe diem tomorrow
3. Church burner
4. Bartenders without wings
5. Danger music #9
6. Cancer eater
7. Broken culture
8. Chicago overcoat