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Like the blood on your oars
We've been through this before
Hear my voice let it lead
Focus the melody

Keep it up, we're so close
What your heart wanted most
When we port, it'll seem
Like a long horrid dream

The rats take a bite
The westwinds guide our night
For the class now unleashed
Oot and aboot, on the seas

Under fire, we've had lots
About 10,000 shots
We keep straight as we're learnt
To shine never burn

The waves were strong
And the night was black
The compass singing go back
Our eyes caught Satan, salivating

The truth, the ship was on her last breath
The wood and steel held true
Neither death nor famine
I'll come back to you

And now, as I feel the snow
I'll take my leave
For I have to go

The scars, the scars on my hands
They remind me
Of just who I am
Just but a man
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Seafarers lyrics

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check here the lyrics for Seafarers, the 4th song of the 14 recorded for the album Two devils will talk, with a total running time of , by The Real McKenzies. It was released on March 3, 2017 via , and produced by .