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[Special Edition Bonus Track]

I could distract myself for a while.
Thought that you could walk on water.
I thought of questions I'd ask myself, is there enough of me left to burn?
Thought that you would be mine forever.

I'm standing here holding the door wide open.
It will always be wide open. Stay.

I'll never walk away.
I'm just trying to keep my head through all the tears.
I'm just trying to make it through another day. Hard Times.
But you've been gone too long and all the things that I say seem wrong.

Hard Times will make us strong. Hard Times Oh these hard times, lead to good times. Just hold on.

I jump, as the phone lights up the night.
Every time you call I think it's going to be good ...bye.
What's there left to say? We've walked down this road before.
Looks like time to decide.

If your heart is still open. Open? Mine will always be open ... for you.

I'll never walk away. I'll never walk away.

I'm just trying to hold my head up through hard times.
It sometimes feels like we won't find our way through hard times.

But you keep holding strong and I'll keep holding on.
Hard Times.

It sometimes feels like I can't breathe so well, with everything around me melting.
The walls are beginning to crumble, I feel like I'm in hell!

Hard Times. Oh these Hard Times.
Let all those pictures and letters scatter to the wind.
None of that matters cause I'll be with you until the end.

I'm just trying to understand. How can I go on without you?

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Hard Times lyrics

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