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[Lyrics by Geoff Tate]

Back streets... oh hell,
Back where I started from
There's not a thing... but you.
When they took you, when they took you from me and left you
Bleeding on that concrete floor.
One man's obsession is another man's trash,
And Mary was more than a whore.

And every day I breathe I remember more.
I've become something you wouldn't believe!

I've got this number burned in my brain,
A walking nightmare, only slightly insane.
They tried to take my fight, almost took my life.
They took my truth from me.
But when they left me, they didn't know me,
'cause I'm like a lion that's about to roar.
Mistakes you make, you take to your grave.
And now I'm gonna even the score.

And every day I live I remember more.
I ain't got nothing to sell,
But it's time to pay attention,

I'm back with one foot in hell.
I'm back.

There's nothing left but memories here
Of something that I didn't begin with.
You wanted to believe in something until the end.

Yeah I'm like a ghost back from the dead.
I need revenge. Gonna have his head.
I'm gonna finish this and X marks the spot.
I'm gonna find him give him all that I got.

And every day I breathe I remember more.
I ain't coming at you with something to sell,
But you better believe,

I'm back with one foot in hell.
I'm back.

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