Revocation - Madness opus song lyrics
Revocation lyrics
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It beckons to me, a being of immense and terrifying power,
A portal to a dimension of chaos lies just beyond my window.
Hungrily it feeds, eagerly swallowing souls of thousands,
I prepare this first movement to combat the unknown.

No one must know my secret,
I'll take a life to keep it,
I cannot rest until this vile demon is defeated.
My nightly ritual,
A captivated minstrel,
This is the madness in which I dwell.

Curtains drawn, candles lit, contorted shadows cast,
Staring into the maw of the void, where infernal incisors endlessly gnash.

A blasphemous sonata echoes throughout the halls,
Reverberations in the inter-dimensional gateway.
The abomination demands an encore,
A rhapsodist to this galactic titan enslaved.


[Solo: Davidson]


Cosmic horror beyond infinite time,
Entranced by the melodies perverted and sublime.
A caprice for the beast,
An amorphous entity's malign lullaby.
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