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[Intro: Flavor Flav]
1, 2, 1, 2, Yo
Yo 1, 2
Nothin' is Quick in the Desert
1, 2

[Verse 1: Chuck D and Flavor Flav ]
Not put here to judge between the quick and the dead
I'll be slick with this nigga chime rhyme that I said
Digitize the present, download in a minute
The future is now, cause the ain't no front minute
They staying chained to the wagon of old ways
That last past second, we now call the old days
Yesterday's slaves, just hanging to get hung
Oblivious those slangin' poison with the tongue ( Yo )
Unaware that being everywhere just ain't no lie
Desert MCs those who deserve to die
Or get poor trying, bitch stop lying
Everybody sellin', but ain't nobody buyin'
Adrenaline rushin', like my blood be gold
Like in 1849, Rob sold his soul
Like all good people can be cowards in the end
And the death comes quick in the desert my friend
Nothin' is quicker than death

[Outro: Flavor Flav}
Nothin' is Quick in the Desert
Nothing is quick in the desert (2017)
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