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## Back Chat (2) you burn all my energy
Back Chat (2) criticizing all you see
Back Chat (2) analyzing what I say
Back Chat (2) & you always get your way
Oh yeah see what you've done to me
Back Chat (2) you're driving me insane
It's a battle to the end,
Knock you down you come again
Talk back (2) you've got me on the rack
Twisting every word I say
Wind me up and get your way
Fat chance I have of making a romance
If I'm ever going to win
I'll have to get the last word in
Take it from there
Twisting every word I say
Wind me up and get your way
Repeat ##
Wake up stand up
And drag yourself on out
Get down get ready scream and shout
Back off be cool
And learn to change your ways
Cos you're talking on your sleep
And your walking in a daze
Don't push your luck
I'm ready to attack
Cos when I'm trying to talk to you
All you do is just talk back
You stand so tall,
You don't frighten me at all
Don't talk back (3),
Just leave me alone
Repeat ##
Yes you do...

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