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Ladies and Gentlemen
Came in the door like whoah
Pull up (skrt)
Can't even see no more
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Changed lyrics

Bible of love album songs

1. Thank you lord (intro)
2. Love for god
3. Always got something to say
4. Defeated
5. In the name of jesus
6. Going home
7. Saved
8. Sunshine feel good
9. Sunrise
10. Pure gold
11. Pain
12. New wave
13. On time
14. You
15. One more day
16. Bible of love
17. Come as you are
18. Talk to god
19. Changed
20. Praise him
21. Blessing me again
22. Blessed and highly favored
23. Unbelievable
24. No one else
25. Chizzle
26. My god
27. When it's all over
28. Crown
29. Call him
30. Change the world
31. Voices of praise
32. Words are few
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check here the lyrics for Changed, the 19th song of the 32 recorded for the album Bible of love, with a total running time of , by Snoop Dogg. It was released on March 16, 2018 via RCA Inspiration, and produced by Snoop Dogg.