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To sing you must first open your mouth.
You must have a pair of lungs and a little knowledge of music.
It is not necessary to have an accordion, or a guitar.
The essential thing is that I want to sing.
Then this is a song, I'm singing."
[-H. Miller]

I breathe in & I, I create
Rewoke the spirit '68
Fresh meaning to torn ideas
Let's bring life to old clich├ęs
Punch a hole in tradition, yeah!
Let's listen to the songs of discontent
To the chords & the movement
To the chords & the movement

It could all be so simple
We would all stand baffled by the precision & accuracy
Our jaws would hurt from dropping so hard, fast & unexpectedly
It would be the perfect metaphor
Be the perfect song we'd be singing

I breathe out & I scream
Rewoke Malatesta's dream
Inspiration from the past
Focus to the future at last
Fixed dogmas can't substitute
Creative thought & action

It could be dangerous
Art as a real threat

All it is it words
Words said a million time before
All it is is a song
A song sung a million times before

I breathe in, I create
Rewoke the spirit '68
I breathe out, I scream
Rewoke Malatesta's dream
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