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Letras de Here Somewhere - A Little Boy Lost

Letras de A Little Boy Lost - Here Somewhere
A little boy lost toman su nombre de un poema del visionario artista William Blake. La banda se formó en Barcelona a comienzos de 2008 y en la actualidad está compuesta por Annalisa Giolo (voz), Marcos Muslera (guitarra), Fran M. Lucas (bajo) y Xavier Teixidó (batería). El sonido característico de A little boy lost incorpora elementos del noise, el punk, el post-rock o el trip-hop, combinando atmósferas oscuras y guitarras agresivas con intensas líneas vocales llenas de referencias literarias. En 2010 la banda publicó su primer álbum, titulado Here somewhere, grabado en su propio estudio y masterizado en los estudios Bog Standard Audio de Brighton por Javi Otero y Danny Bright. ... mas...
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1. "Rear Window" letra Rear Window - video disponible

I'm leaving soon
To the edge of this room
To the steam of my years
To the depth of those fears

I'm stealing the weakness
Of the children who stare
The moment I leave
I'll do it aware

Aware of the shoes I used to bruise
Refused – confused (X2)

Thank you, pages
For the sounds I've been given
I'll take them with me
Hang them all on my ceiling.

Aware of the… (X2)

The rear window – My rear window –
That which moves me – And makes me swallow.
2. "Dark prince of my solitude" letra

Why do I dream of you
If I know I'll never meet you
Why do I build my life around you
If I know you'll never know who I am.
My fantasies – my hopes
My jealous ways of seeing
My moves and my bones
My secret ways of being

And that foreign poetry you put in my mouth (x3). In my mouth.

You grew inside me to fill
To recognize my second name
You dressed me up
You pulled me down
I followed you through all these years and fought the distance
My alter-ego breaks and kills me with his name
My sweet mate of uncertainty – I know that one day

You'll look into my eyes (x3) one day. And understand.

Just for a second and back to our lives (x4).

Dark prince of my solitude.
3. "Hypothetical karma" letra

Saying goodbye '“ my crime
And my most precious sign
I take '“ define
And suddenly give up
To you '“ to me
To all the things that
Make me run away
Make me run away

If we only knew what matters, knew what happens if we try
If we disappeared forever our desires would be denied.

Saying goodbye sometimes
Came strong with no regrets
I paid the cost
And suddenly escaped
From you '“ from me
From all the things that
Make me run away
Make me run away.

If we only...

Make me run away...
4. "Sonnet to no one" letra

I know I spent my days in cells and screens

And left the days run out without a voice
I kept the stains with me, I had no choice

And I stole books, unread, good times and dreams.
The Time I had to live is wet and sick
I spent my days in cells - I had to lose.

I melt your wings - my cry - my fear to choose
I wrote my empty ways of feeling weak.
And then, too bright the dawn broke down on you
To feel again the screens were something new.
5. "Ordinary loser" letra

They told you – you could be an ordinary loser
And you don't want – to be an ordinary loser
They told you – you could not fit
Or be part of the team
Do you really want to be – an ordinary fake?
If you don't sell yourself
If you don't prove yourself
We're ordinary losers
Singers of the common sense
Bakers of our daily lies
Fight for us – pray for us
We're desperate abusers
Children of the nihilism
Fathers of the next whys
Pray for us – vote for us
Perfect lover – perfect mother – perfect daughter – perfect worker
Perfect sinner – perfect healer – perfect seller – perfect buyer.
We're ordinary losers…
6. "Philanthropy of the new era" letra

What would you say Timon?
What would you say now?
I'd like to see you here with me
In my cage of dirty movements.
Athens is too far
So are we
What would you do now?
What would you see?

The kings are gone – the queens got mad
Don't take my hand – we'll dance alone.

What would you say Timon?
What would you say now?
If you saw the misery of our senselessness
Could you love of hate again?
I'd like to see you here with me
In my cage of violet silence.

The kings are gone…
7. "Silvery memories" letra

I want
My toy
That Little boy
Stole it from me
I yell
And I cry
Can you hear me now
Or am I losing myself?

I've walked
With no goal
I lost control
They stole it from me
I'm hurt
I can feel it now
Cause I'm losing the way.

I want
My toy
That little boy
Stole it from me
I'm scared
I'm cold
Can you see me now
Or are you losing yourself?
8. "Winter" letra

My fear is dying
The picture is clear now
The things you wanted
They're not mine.

My soul is changing
The mornings are brighter now
The words I needed
Don't need them anymore.

It's a shame you didn't come when you had to.
It's the blame I didn't recognize when I had to.
When it was burning you.
9. "56" letra

My lips are dry
And my hands are cold
No one talk except for my ears
I'm waiting for the night.

'Cause everything seems so void
'cause everything's lost its place
My whole reign loses its meaning
And I'm still waiting for
A normal perception – in the light and in the dark
Useful rejection – to live from the start
Normal reaction – in the light and in the dark
Painful distraction – to tear us apart.

There is no way
No way to complain
I'm waiting for the night to come
To be safe again
A normal exception – in the light and in the dark
Useful reaction – to live from the start
Normal rejection – in the light and in the dark
Painful deception – to tear us apart.
A normal perception…
10. "Eyescreaming" letra

I wish that words were things
To touch to move to throw away
They'd be doors and mirrors
Paintings and shells
My eyes could see them passing by
My eyescreaming (X3)
My eyes.
11. "Invisible" letra

I got no place to be
That's why I run and run
Looking for a saviour
Inside and outside of me.

The monsters are awake
There's no way to escape
I try to fight them every time
But it's hard not to let them breathe.

I got no place to be
Where everything is already done
I'm looking for a saviour
But still I can not see.

You know there's much at stake,
There's no way to forgive
I try to do it every time
But it's hard not to make me bleed.
A Little Boy Lost > Here Somewhere

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last updated 2017-05-26

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