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Letra de Street jesus - Aerosmith

Letras de canciones de Aerosmith - Street jesus
Aerosmith es una legendaria banda de rock formada en Estados Unidos. Fue creada a principios de los 70 por Steven Tyler (voz, teclado y armónica), Joe Perry (guitarra y coros), Brad Whitford (guitarra), Tom Hamilton (bajo) y Joey Kramer (batería). La banda empezó a formarse cuando Steven Tyler formó «The Strangers», en 1964, en Sunapee, un pequeño pueblo de New Hampshire, donde tocaba la batería. Poco después, el nombre del grupo pasó a ser «Chain Reaction». Tocaban temas compuestos por Steven y hacían versiones de temas de The Beatles y de The Rolling Stones. Entre 1967 y 1969 graban un par de sencillos y hacen pequeños trabajos de teloneo para grupos como los Yardbirds y los Beach Boys. Finalmente, e... mas...
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Music from another dimension (2012)
1. "Luv xxx"
2. "Oh yeah"
3. "Beautiful"
4. "Tell me"
5. "Out go to the lights"
6. "Legendary child"
7. "What could have been love"
8. "Street jesus"
9. " Can't Stop Lovin' You (Duet With Carrie Underwood)"
10. "Lover a lot"
11. "We all fall down"
12. "Freedom fighter"
13. "Closer"
14. "Something"
15. "Another last goodbye"
Street jesus
Hey have you heard the news?
Somebody stole my shoes
And I can smell the booze
How indiscreet

And though I had a plan
After that thief outran
Into another man
Who had no feet

I swear to god that day
That guy with no feet say
?You got to walk my way?
?That's how it's planned?

That's when I thought, ?good grief?
J-Just ain't my belief
Until I saw the holes
Inside his hand

Street Jesus
Street Jesus

Come on, come on, what you think about life?
Demon in heaven gotta carry a knife
You said to me, ?no, that ain't the plan?
With a smile on his face and the holes in his hand

Wise man tell ya what they're reading from a scroll
But things kinda change when the story gets told
They tell it like it is to everybody they meet
Just to sing it in the church what they're preaching in the street

Placate and vacate your mind
Too late to make hate you'll find

Streeeeeeeet Jeesuuuus
Streeeeeeeet Jeesuuuus

Good God Almighty, suposed to be about love
You must've wished upon me by kissing the glove
I'm a high-stepping lover, sharp as a knife
I'm a pink flamingo on a great long life
A wise man, poor man, beggar man too
You bet your bottom dollar but whatcha gonna do?
I can make up daylight jealous of the night
I try to play the game but I never get it right!

Placate and vacate your mind
Too late to make hate you'll find

When you wonder what's up
With your half empty cup
Say tell him ?don't give up,
?Reach for the stars?

You think you're so street wise
Just pray and close your eyes
Until we colonize
The moon and stars

But wouldn't it be great
If we could wipe the slate
When we all live in hate
And all this fear

So please don't call me ?sir?
If you're whole life's a blur
And Mr. Bartender
Another beer

Sometimes it's hard trying to keep up the pace
The train kept a rollin? when you're trying to win the race
If you don't believe me, wanna stay in the game
You gotta know who from the heavens came

They tell it like it is to everybody they meet
Cause they're singing in the church what they?re preaching in the street
If you wanna give 'em hell then you tell it from the steeple
But I'd rather be a priest so I can scream it to the people

Placate and vacate your mind
Too late to make hate you'll find
You won't get too many tries
Love is the love of my life

Street Jesus
Street Jesus

Street Jesus
Street Jesus

Street Jesus
Street Jesus

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Aerosmith > Music from another dimension > Street jesus

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last updated 2017-05-26

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