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Letras de Advance And Vanquish - 3 Inches of Blood

Letras de 3 Inches of Blood - Advance And Vanquish
3 inches of blood es una banda canadiense de power y heavy metal, originada en Vancouver durante el año 2000 , influenciado ( dicen ellos ) por bandas de NWOBHM de finales de los 70’ y de la época de los 80’ ( Motörhead , Iron Maiden , Judas Priest…). Sus puntos fuertes son las voces de los dos vocalistas , ya que mezclan una agudeza increible y una crudeza desgarradora en cada una de sus canciones. Su tematica trata sobre fantasia epica , batallas , guerra y el poder del heavy metal. Los miembros actuales son: Cam Pipes - Voces Limpias (Agudas) Jamie Hooper - Voces Rasgadas Shane Clark - Guitarra Justin Hagberg - Guitarra Nick Cates - Bajo Ash Pearson - Bateria en directos Cabe decir , que la gente ... mas...
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1. "Fear On The Bridge (upon The Boiling Sea I)" letra

Behold a speeding shape
A ship upon the waves
Racing swift as death

Torment from the pits of Hell
In seas where pirates dwell
The armada sets its course
Shadowed by skull and cross-boned force
The crow's nest spots the flag
The captain's plans have hit a snag
With your lives, defend the gold
In a fire fight yet to unfold
Opposing ships steered side by side
Fear on the bridge is realized
Cannons blaze in wood they blast
The Spanish ship is sinking fast

Raiders board the ship
Plunder all their fold
As they're lunging for the kill
Their riches will be ours
Take no prisoners
Leave no man alive
For the ransacking awaits
The decks awash with blood

Fight to the death
There is no other way
Honour will say
That captains duel on the plank

When all are dead and all is won
There's riches here to steal
Bodies scattered by the waves
For sharks do make their meal in flesh
Rain begins to fall
Their fold becomes our wealth
As they sink into the sea
No mercy for the rich
We wash their blood
From our bounty gold
We feast tonight

We're heading due west
For the secret island port
The plunder divides
But give a piece to the sea

When madness of the fever grips and greed is taking hold
Nothing can ever cure your thirst except for rum and gold
Nothing can quench the thirst except for rum and gold

2. "Deadly Sinners" letra

Don't walk the cold and ruthless streets
They drain the life from all they meet
The servants crying underground
Smelling mortal blood like hounds
As you crawl the sewer pipes
Deadly sinners set to strike
As you walk around the bend
You'll be dead right there where you stand

Flash of iron, leather, spikes, and swords
Mighty warriors with metal on their side
Enemies of metal, your death is our reward
Triumphant victory when you bring the steel to life

Deadly sinners
Deadly sinners
when you bring
Deadly sinners
the steel to life

Kill the tyrant's endless conquest
With no mercy, straight for his heart
Bloodlust will overtake anger and violence
With no warning, lightning strikes in the dark
Lightning strikes
Deadly, deadly sinners,
Through the night!

Flash or iron, leather, spikes and swords
Those mighty warriors with metal on their side
Enemies of metal, your death is our reward
Triumphant victory when you bring the steel to life

Deadly sinners
Deadly sinners
when you bring
Deadly sinners
the steel to life

Ruling the night, winning the fight
Taking it all right to the end
Winning the night, ruling the fight
Take one last step before you die

3. "Revenge Is A Vulture" letra

A sacred pact signed in blood, two allies strong in war
To the death they will defend if an enemy comes forth
Corruption rears its ugly head, feed a traitors mind
Stab in the back remains, to break the oath

This ancient bond of trust shattered by a food
Upon betrayal, all thoughts turn to...

Revenge - Revenge is a vulture
Take him for everything he's got
Revenge - Revenge is a vulture
He won't know what he had until it's lost

The stage is set, a battlefield, victory or death
Valor will prevail against an insult to you name
An alliance failed, the oath remains no more
This allegiance based on trust has become war
The birds of prey shall feast on carrion
As their world crumbles

Revenge - Revenge is a vulture
Deceiver's flesh ripped off his wretched bones
Revenge - Revenge is a vulture
His head placed on a pike for all to see

A lesson learned for all of the usurpers to the throne
Bridges burned, honour lost, forever damn his kind
Forever damn his kind
Victory will be ours, their treachery returned
A shallow grave awaits
Forever damn his kind
A shallow grave awaits

4. "Dominion Of Deceit" letra

All beware the blackened tongue
Its laden heavy with lies

Bleeding on the cross for the world to see
Traitor, liar, thief - all will be revealed
Millions caught in rapture torn inside with fear

Eat the flesh and drink the blood
Slave of reality for one more of the flock

You soul, it decomposes
As poisoned words seep into you mind
Cryptic signs holding evil thoughts at bay
While your sins, your sins are washed away

As fallen angles we will fight
Against a kind that's dead and gone
No second coming for the general of the weak

Unholy wars wages upon the land
Merciless wrath upon the non-believer
The blood it soaks into the soil
As you idols weep in shame

The council of heathens
Has gathered to bring
An end to their own slavery
Dominion of deceit will now surely fall
Controlling our thoughts no more

The sheep wander blindly in the night
As the shepherd passes on the plate
The golden-tongued orator
Spreads only wicked lies

I've seen the fire burning your temple
Ashes and dust return to the Earth

As we summon the night
And flames lick at the gates
Their dominion decays and it falls
The kingdom and crusaders
Their spell is weakened

The council of heathens
Has gathered to bring
An end to their own slavery
Dominion of deceit will now surely fall
Controlling our thoughts no more

Dominion of deceit
Bones in the ground
Controlling our thoughts no more

5. "Premonition Of Pain" letra

Awoken by the terror of a thousand wars
A vision of the coming invading force
With haste he goes to the royal hall
The soothsayer alerts the king, the hour is night

The king scoffs, says no, he does not believe
You must be in error, you must be deceived
My lord, they're coming, your people aren't safe
Upon deaf ears fall words of fate

I hold the key to what lies beyond
You won't believe what this crystal orb does show

And in his dreams he saw

Brick by brick... behold
Stone by stone... our fate
Wall by wall
This castle is set to burn

When the soothsayer's riddle is spoken, beware of the answers it holds
I hold the key to what lies beyond
When the soothsayer's words make you question, the price will be paid in blood
You won't believe what this crystal orb does show

With no more than a reason to kill

The enemy's approaching from surrounding sides
Awaiting for the first strike as catapults are drawn
Flaming arrows form the sky. The massacre begins
Order turns to chaos, no hope to win

The tyrant is here to take up your throne
He'll take off you head before taking your crown
The mystic, he laughs, you should have listened to me
But now you beg for you life on your knees
On your knees
On your knees

When the soothsayer's riddle is spoken, it could hold the outcome of war
I hold the key to what lies beyond
When the soothsayer's words speak of bloodshed, just pray that the blood is not yours
You won't believe

The price paid in blood
The price paid in blood
Just pray that the blood is not yours

6. "Lord Of The Storm (upon The Boiling Sea Ii)" letra

Lord of the storm rides in the eye, eye of the hurricane
Lord of the storm rides in the eye, in the eye of Hell
Rider on the night and ruler of the damned

Damnation creeps upon everyone, a sense of fatal warning
Within the crew there's treachery, a mutiny is brewing
The first mate draws his cutlass forth, towards the captain challenging a duel
You've sentenced us to a watery grave, this ship will sink into the sea
A brutal storm is on the rise, wrath of an angered deity
Batten down the hatches for a struggle that will take all of our lives
None shall live to tell the tale of this wretched night

Terror of the seven seas, Lord of the storm spreads like disease
Unlike anything seen before, the Lord of the storm

Behold the wrath the skies unleash
Until we're dead it shall not cease
The gods have made their judgement call
And it spells certain death

The captain mind cannot be swayed
He'd rather die than give away
All of the treasure chests below
To the grip of the unforgiving deep

Blinding lightning sears the flesh
Raindrops fall like musketballs
Piercing the skin, wood, steel and bone
All aboard will pay

The captain surfaces for air amongst the torrent nightmare
Latching to a piece of the hull, destruction's everywhere
No more survivors from the blast, the ship drifts beneath the waves
The master coasts for hours, before the storm begins to wane
An albatross flies overhead, a sign that land is near
An island spotted in the distance, maybe the torment is at an end

Rain is gone, but doom is near, a shadow's on his heart
Immortality is his, salted tears will drench his days

The captains' lost upon the seas
Penance for his wicked deeds
Cheated by his crew and God
As he floats and waits to drown

He has no clue what lies ahead
A deadly isle for him to dread
He thinks he can rebuild his life
Set sail to conquer the sea again

As he touches his feet upon the sandy shore
The sun will rise once more

Lord of the storm rides in the eye, eye of the hurricane
Lord of the storm rides in the eye, in the eye of Hell
Rider on the night, ruler of the damned

7. "Wykydtron" letra

In the year four thousand fifty five, Wykydtron came to life
Born of a scientific design to serve all human kind
Artificial intelligence bred for future war
When galaxies will crumble and fall to their knees

It breaks free from its hold taking military control
A fate seen all across the world
It takes hold of the Earth, breeding legions to his control
Soon to seize all power in the sky

Programmed to crush
Programmed to destroy
Its brainwaves only wired for death

It's wired to kill
All on the Earth
Nuclear bound - you'll fear his name
Hey it's The Wykydtron
It's The Wykydtron
Hey it's the Wykydtron

An army's formed to crush the Earth
Our creation, the master of our demise
Humanity is doomed
Fifteen years since creation's time, the war has turned to space
Human kind has one chance left to turn the tides of fate
Warheads are the only way to stop The Wykydtron
Millions die, radiation blast from Hell

Flesh, it peels away as all the people die
This is the end of the human race
Our creation becomes the master of our own demise

We are drones
We fooled ourselves
We finally sealed our fate

He it's the Wykydtron
It's the Wykydtron
Hey it's the Wykydtron

8. "Swordmaster" letra

Born with shining steel in hand, fighting's all you know
Mastering the blade, to kill those who betray
With skill and deadly grave, severed heads erase
A wrong that has been done, only death can overcome

Master of the blade, wielder of the steel
With iron fury, killer fire and speed
With his mighty sword he reaps his vengeance
Coming from the depths to right a wrong
From the depths of Hell
To deal his wrath

Swordmaster, bounty hunter for the damned

Stand and Fight - Kill or Die

His blade is gleaming and from it blood is streaming
None shall survive beyond the light of dawn
None shall survive beyond morning light

Vengeance served with cold delight, bodies split in two
Bone and sinew spray for debts that come to be repaid
Bloodlust in your mind, the painful truth is what they'll find
The course is at an end, to Hell is where he sends you

Swordmaster, bounty hunter for the damned

Stand and Fight - Kill or Die

The master moves on, keeping the balance of the world
Crusher of souls and ruler of Hell

9. "Axes Of Evil" letra

Hark! A scout has reached the gate, brining news of war
In a fortnight they'll be here, legions of the nameless fear
Our king he cannot lead, our king is growing old
With a courageous cry, a young man rises form the fold
The answer we seek lies in the frozen waste
I leave at dawn with haste for...
Axes of evil

Astonished faces look his way, as the hopeful carry horror in their hearts
Uncertain of a power that malice forged in steel
I must face this threat that challenges our lives
I'll strike out with vengeance, I'll reap from their demise
No! You must not seek the blades, it's said that they are cursed
They'll possess you if they're found, to the dreadlord they are bound
Cutting flesh for him to eat, bloody raw Lucifer meat
Peril awaits you in the fjords, we cannot lose you to the...

Axes of evil, strong not feeble
Axes of evil, come on!
Axes of evil, our fates wrapped in steel
Axes of evil, come on! Come on!!!

The future of our land lies in the balance
You must go to save us all

At last they're found floating in a crystal orb
Speak the incantation written on the wall
In a blinding flash the axes fly into his hands
Too much power for him to bear, he'll wreak havoc on the land
Wreaking havoc on the land

Axes of evil, our fates wrapped in steel
Axes of evil, come on!
Axes of evil, will kill all the people!
Axes of evil, come on! Come on!!!

...Axes of evil
On the fourteenth morning's chill, from the rampart he is spotted on the hill
With a look of burning poison that fills his eyes with rage
I have returned to put an end to all your lives
With no remorse I will reap from your demise
...Axes of evil

10. "Crazy Nights" letra

On shadowed roads we run, for secrets London holds
New Cross to Camden Town, with metal force we rage
In Paradise we clash, you will perish
Our ambition, live to fight for all the
Crazy nights

Crazy nights, crazy nights
Intoxicating fury
Crazy nights, crazy nights, crazy nights
Horns up high in praise
Crazy nights

Running through the night, they all blue into one
Living for tonight, for soon tomorrow comes
Ever under shadow of the pale amber towers
Venture into the smoldering forest, fall under its powers

Throwing iron fists, blackened bruises swell
Scattering the field, choking our last victim
Hammersmith is calling me
All desires lie in wait to feed the
Crazy nights

Crazy nights, crazy nights
Intoxicating fury
Crazy nights, crazy nights, crazy nights
Horns up high in praise

Paradise erupts, bodies hit the grounds
The enemy is vanquished, all hail, the victor is crowned
Rivals rise to fight against the metal force
None can match the fury of these crazy nights
Crazy nights, crazy nights
None can match the METAAAAAAAAAAAL!
Crazy nights

11. "Destroy The Orcs" letra

Kill the Orcs, slay the Orcs, destroy the Orcs

You returned late home that night
Evidence all around you from the flight
You see your family's blood spilled on the ground
There's no trace of the Orcs to be found

Take the broadsword in your hand
Follow the Orcs to their camp
You will have vengeance in blood

With their heads they will pay the price
Spill blood
On their trail we hunt them tirelessly
Spill blood
Bloodshed eases their loss
Spill their blood

Their decapitation leads to the cessation
Of the sadness, of the woe

Spill the blood

12. "Phantom Of The Crimson Cloak" letra

Out of the fog comes a huddles shape
Cloaked head to toe in crimson flowing robes
It hunts, kills, eats

Unseen in sickening mists of night, some evil's lurking in the gloom
Voracious hunting appetite and piercing demon eyes
A mandrake sets upon its prey, slashing mangled claw
Soulstealer strangling terror, in crimson cloak it kills

Mortals who cross the path
The phantom hunts and kills
With a swift ferocity
The demon's carcass strikes
Death is his way, dare not cross hi path
The phantom of the crimson cloak stalks the dark and silent night

A killer waiting for the strike, in silence you will stand in fright
Captured by its frozen stare, your body drained of essence
Predator of the pure in heart, sending all their souls to Hell
There is no escape from here, phantom horror attack

He must feed
On innocent human flesh
To hold the madness at bay
That torments his eternal march

Death is his way, dare not cross hi path
The phantom of the crimson cloak stalks the dark and silent night

An ancient corpse
He's trod this worn path
Many forlorn years
Aeons yet to come

Death is his way, dare not cross his path
The phantom of the crimson cloak stalks the dark and silent night

13. "Isle Of Eternal Despair (upon The Boiling Sea Iii)" letra

Kiss the sand, praising the dry land he has found
Everywhere on the shore there's treasure all around
Bury deep the horded loot far down below
No man or god will ever take away the plunder

He will find a cave to hide away the fold
Doomed to a desert isle
All of the riches in his hands
No living thing around
But he will never leave the cave
Alone with bounty gold
Something compels him to stay
Heaven or Hell, time will tell

The captain thinks what will come of this
If this is the end, the gold must die with me
Delving underground, to his dismay
The captain finds a curse

The isle of eternal despair, to spend eternity alone
The isle of eternal despair, with gold beyond his dreams

What a sight that's sitting right before his eyes
Ancient spoils of the pirates of the past
Skeletons are sheathed in gold by candlelight
Hunger sets but he will guard the jewels forever

Now he's punished by the gods
Forever pondering his greed
But he's doomed to eternal life
As a golden skeleton

The isle of eternal despair, doomed as his flesh beings to rot
The isle of eternal despair, knowing he'll never really die

As he decays into living, golden bones
Eyes open watching for the rest of his life

14. "Quest For The Manticore" letra

[Bonus track off the Japanese release]

Look up
What does my lantern light?
A mythical beast takes flight
And flies overhead

And strikes with the head of a lion
Wings of a bird
Tail of a stinging scorpion scourge

Let's go seek the creature
Of legend and lore
Taking our bows on a quest for the manticore

It haunts the night, stalking, preying on the skies
Killing again, it's time to hunt and slay the beast

Why do your bravest soldiers
Join you on your quest
A company of might and magic equal to the test
Defend with all your skill, leave all your doubts behind
No one shortsword could be enough to kill the manticore

Slay the fearsome beast, the manticore
Or you will rest in peace, the manticore
Paralyze you cold, the manticore
A power to behold, the manticore

The beast, it hunts, for meat, preying on human death

On its trail
Will you strike
Do you dare?

A demon that kills in the night devouring flesh

Into the horror's lair
Devoid of all things light
Stalking you from the darkness with the clearest sight
One swift violent motion
Stinger in your eye
Poisons coursing through, freezing up your mind

Body's growing cold, the manticore
You will die alone, the manticore
It ate your friends alive, the manticore
You're the last to kill, the manticore

Cold, the creature will eat you alive
Before the reaper closes your eyes
Tearing the skin from your back
Relentless in attack
Your last effort strength and home
Magic dagger in its throat
Blood running into your mouth
Choking on its pain

When they find you
They won't know you rose to stand and heed the call!

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