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Letra de Song For The Fisherman - 36 Crazyfists

Letras de canciones de 36 Crazyfists - Song For The Fisherman
Biografia 36 Crazyfists es una banda proveniente de Alaska, influenciados por el post-hardcore de quicksand, la armonía de Deftones y Glassjaw y la agresividad de Skinlab. 36 Crazyfists esta formado, Brock Lindow (voz), Steve Holt (guitarra), Mick Whitney (bajo) y Thomas Noonan (batería). Después de lanzar su álbum de debut en 2002, «Bitterness the Star» un disco marcado por las influencias mas directas del nu metal y con la participación de Steev Esquivel ex vocalista de la banda thrash metal EXODUS actualmente de la exitosa banda de groove metal SKINLAB, Comenzaron un tour por los EE.UU con grupos como Candiria, God Forbid, Chimaira, Diecast y Hotwire Después de su tour por los EE.UU. fueron a Europa para comen... mas...
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A Snow Capped Romance (2004)
1. "At The End Of August"
2. "The Heart And The Shape"
3. "Bloodwork"
4. "Kenai"
5. "Skin And Atmosphere"
6. "Song For The Fisherman"
7. "With Nothing Underneath"
8. "Destroy The Map"
9. "Installing The Catheter"
10. "Cure Eclipse"
11. "Waterhaul"
12. "Sad Lisa"
Song For The Fisherman

There were thousands of days
As we traveled down North Road,
And I remember my uncle on his last day,
And how I would kill to shake his hand again.
And on goes the battle of years upon years.
My Father's eyes bring me solace,
And his look of focus I try to instill.
As my Mother reads as an example
Of strength beyond strength,
And with her I became me.
There are two girls
With whom I've known longer than anyone,
And my debt to them is Lifetime.
The gathering of boys I rely on,
Know exactly who they are
And I will build their protection with bloody hands.
Some were dealt knuckles and some delivered kisses,
But initially my heart was in the right place.
There are times when being engulfed by mountains
Are the only signs of safety I know.
And I realize I think this way out of neglection
And at the exact thought I reclaim those days of scenery.
There are places like the bluffs in Kasilof
And the gravel pits in Sand Lake,
That most of us will never forget.
Those are the things I wanted to speak of,
Those are the things that I dream about,
Those are the things that I will definitely die with,

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36 Crazyfists > A Snow Capped Romance > Song For The Fisherman

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last updated 2017-04-26

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