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Letra de The Siege Of Aina - Aina

Letras de canciones de Aina - The Siege Of Aina
Hay dos bandas europeas con llamadas Aina: 1. Aina banda de Power Metal Progresivo (la mostrada en la imagen), es integrada por diversos musicos de varios grupo del gran mundo del Metal, este proyecto lanzó el año 2003 el disco metal opera AINA Days of Rising Doom. Fundadores * Robert Hunecke-Rizzo (Heaven’s Gate, Luca Turilli, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot) * Productor - Sascha Paeth (Heaven’s Gate, Luca Turilli, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot) * Teclados y arreglos - Michael Rodenberg (Miro) (Heaven’s Gate, Luca Turilli, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot) * Voces y Letras - Amanda Somerville - Maiden Voice and Oriana’s Conscience (Luca Turilli) Invitados : - Vocalistas # Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbat... mas...
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Days Of Rising Doom (2003)
1. "Aina Overture"
2. "Revelations"
3. "Silver Maiden"
4. "Flight Of Torek"
5. "Naschtok Is Born"
6. "The Beast Within"
7. "The Siege Of Aina"
8. "Talon's Last Hope"
9. "Rape Of Oria"
10. "Son Of Sorvahr"
11. "Serendipity"
12. "Lalae Amer"
13. "Rebellion"
14. "Oriana's Wrath"
15. "Restoration"
The Siege Of Aina

[Baktuk: Olaf Hayer]
[Sorvahr: Thomas Rettke]
[Talon: Glenn Hughes]
[Oria: Candice Night]

[Angelic Ainae Choir:]
Thnaton swrutaena jewria taemr
Nachae tin jewria, Aindahaj ribanewr!

(Darkness is coming your way
see it coming, Aina beware!)

[Krakhon Choir:]
Naschtok brutah'k goh sha turh
Trahol Sorvahr kop da furh!

My Lord, everything is now in place
Our years of planning are bearing fruit
Long have we waited for this day
Now let us set out with our troops

Oh, yes, I long to pave their streets in blood
And ebb and flow with waves of gore
Long have we waited for this day
Now let them taste of pain of our lore!

Of course, your blades are thirsting for pain
But don't your loins hunger for pure flesh?
Rip through the maidens, slay the men
Let them know the meaning of wrath!

But this, listen to me when I say
Disturb me not when the battle dawns
Long have I waited now for this day
My eye lies upon other gains

Leave the Castle walls untouched
I forbid you to enter that scene
A score I must settle awaits me long
What lies beyond belongs to me!

Your doom is nigh
Though you see it not
Our forces ride
And your hope will rot

[Chorus (With Aina Choir*):]
Lying under all *you believe
Is a darkness to you all *but unseen
Skies will be torn and rain
On the siege of Aina
Terror comes!

[Krakhon Choir:]
Naschtok brutah'k goh sha turh
Trahol Sorvahr kop da furh!

Scream and run
Run and fall
Fall and burn
Burn and die
Die and rot
Rot in Hell! [2x]
Damn you all!

Ah, such familiar halls are these
Here did I waste so man lifetimes
Long have I waited for this day
This day is such a fine time

Pray tell,
What do you want with all this war?
We live in peace and know you not!
Please take our surrender and no more lives
We relent and give you all we've got

What's this, so easily you're giving up?
Dear brother, I expect more from you
For know me well you surely do
But I've long shed my binding to you

Come now, I'm only taking what is mine
The score I must settle here for us all
Your land I leave to the will of my men
I care not if your house now falls!

Your doom is here
And now you can see
Your every fear
Belongs to me!


Please, take me if you must
But leave him , please spare him!
I'll do anything you want
Just take me, please spare him!



[Talon & Oria:]
You'll always have my heart!

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