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Letra de The great divide - 311

Letras de canciones de 311 - The great divide
La banda 311 fue formada en Omaha, Nebraska, por el vocalista/guitarrista Nick Hexum, el vocalista S.A. Martínez, el guitarrista Tim Mahoney, el baterista Chad Sexton y el bajista conocido únicamente como P-Nut. El quinteto se mudó a Los Ángeles, donde firmaron con la disquera Capricorn en 1991. Desde entonces 311 ha sacado varios discos, incluyendo Music de 1993, Grassroots de 1994, y 311 (también conocido como el álbum «azul») de 1995; el último, que incluía las canciones «All Mixed Up» y «Down,» llegó a alcanzar el puesto número doce en las listas de álbumes, con ventas de 3 millones de copias en todo el mundo. En 1996, después de un año de giras sin parar, el grupo sacó Enlarged to Show... mas...
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Stereolithic (2014)
1. "Ebb and flow"
2. "Five of everything"
3. "Showdown"
4. "Revelation of the year"
5. "Sand dollars"
6. "Boom shanka"
7. "Make it rough"
8. "The great divide"
9. "Friday afternoon"
10. "Simple true"
11. "First dimension"
12. "Made in the shade"
13. "Existential hero"
14. "The call"
15. "Tranquility"
The great divide
It?s like I stepped into a dream
I think you know what I mean
a reality break to a place unseen
things come alive stupefied mind quarantined
from sleeping then awaken to somewhere in between
ay, I?m on a cloud parfait
I jump into the valley of the far from mundane
my knees buckle a chuckle chuckle
mutha fucka I get back up
like there never was a scuffle

Strange like a tale from Brothers Grimm
they?re watching you we can?t look at them
living life out here like on a limb
one or the other sink or swim
maximum velocity
yet speeding up so rapidly
there?s no where else I?d rather be, for me

They keep you high, won?t let you come down
distract the facts ma?am, that?s the plan now
where you work, where you lurk, what you search
climb too much get off of that perch
virtual reality your nightmare
on the grid, kid, getting nowhere
get ahead, leave behind
lose your mind find in time
a nowhere rhyme

Chemicals up in the atmosphere
another meteor is falling near
buried in the headlines disappear
I?m not the type to live in fear
you dream but I know you?re awake
explaining a nightmare you couldn?t shake
maybe the kool-aid that you drank today

We?re breaking away from the past
reaching a new plane at last
regardless of what cards get played
no one can keep you afraid

Unless you wanna be
you make that choice indubitably
they wanna play my emotions
but I?m like the ocean
too calm to get upset by somebody?s notion

Future makers
organ takers
a non-human intelligence is guiding
worlds colliding
far away star system
I string DNA where I need ?em

What we gonna get with a zero field
gotta have the one to make it real
I tell ya that more will be revealed
the mystery don?t bother me
everyday masquerade
there?s always too many plans we laid
keep going faster down the grade we made

We?re breaking away from the past
reaching a new plane at last
regardless of what cards get played
no one can keep you afraid

We?re always beginning
as sure as we?re spinning
for it?s never ending from here
after all this time
I am sorry I?m not sorry
hate me later
something greater
than the petty here and now

Venture on
the sketch is not completely drawn
travel wide
it?s not hiding inside
venture on
the sketch is not completely drawn
travel wide
its out beyond the great divide

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311 > Stereolithic > The great divide

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last updated 2017-05-26

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