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Bands starting with P

P.J. Harvey lyrics
P.J. Harvey P.J. Harvey lyrics
Vote up for P.J. Harvey Vote down for P.J. Harvey +6
P.O.D. lyrics
P.O.D. P.O.D. lyrics
Vote up for P.O.D. Vote down for P.O.D. +1
Pain lyrics
Pain Pain lyrics
Vote up for Pain Vote down for Pain 0
Pain Of Salvation lyrics
Pain Of Salvation Pain Of Salvation lyrics
Vote up for Pain Of Salvation Vote down for Pain Of Salvation 0
Palms lyrics
Palms Palms lyrics
Vote up for Palms Vote down for Palms 0
Panic! At The Disco lyrics
Panic! At The Disco Panic! At The Disco lyrics
Vote up for Panic! At The Disco Vote down for Panic! At The Disco 0
Pantera lyrics
Pantera Pantera lyrics
Vote up for Pantera Vote down for Pantera +25
Papa Roach lyrics
Papa Roach Papa Roach lyrics
Vote up for Papa Roach Vote down for Papa Roach 0
Parabelle lyrics
Parabelle Parabelle lyrics
Vote up for Parabelle Vote down for Parabelle +1
Paradise Lost lyrics
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost lyrics
Vote up for Paradise Lost Vote down for Paradise Lost +9
Paramore lyrics
Paramore Paramore lyrics
Vote up for Paramore Vote down for Paramore +3
Parkway Drive lyrics
Parkway Drive Parkway Drive lyrics
Vote up for Parkway Drive Vote down for Parkway Drive +8
Patti Smith lyrics
Patti Smith Patti Smith lyrics
Vote up for Patti Smith Vote down for Patti Smith 0
Paul Draper lyrics
Paul Draper Paul Draper lyrics
Vote up for Paul Draper Vote down for Paul Draper 0
Paul Weller lyrics
Paul Weller Paul Weller lyrics
Vote up for Paul Weller Vote down for Paul Weller 0
Pearl Jam lyrics
Pearl Jam Pearl Jam lyrics
Vote up for Pearl Jam Vote down for Pearl Jam +49
Pelican lyrics
Pelican Pelican lyrics
Vote up for Pelican Vote down for Pelican 0
Pennywise lyrics
Pennywise Pennywise lyrics
Vote up for Pennywise Vote down for Pennywise 0
Periphery lyrics
Periphery Periphery lyrics
Vote up for Periphery Vote down for Periphery 0
Persefone lyrics
Persefone Persefone lyrics
Vote up for Persefone Vote down for Persefone 0
Pestilence lyrics
Pestilence Pestilence lyrics
Vote up for Pestilence Vote down for Pestilence 0
Pet Shop Boys lyrics
Pet Shop Boys Pet Shop Boys lyrics
Vote up for Pet Shop Boys Vote down for Pet Shop Boys 0
Peter Murphy lyrics
Peter Murphy Peter Murphy lyrics
Vote up for Peter Murphy Vote down for Peter Murphy 0
Phil Anselmo lyrics
Phil Anselmo Phil Anselmo lyrics
Vote up for Phil Anselmo Vote down for Phil Anselmo +1
Phish lyrics
Phish Phish lyrics
Vote up for Phish Vote down for Phish 0
Phoenix lyrics
Phoenix Phoenix lyrics
Vote up for Phoenix Vote down for Phoenix 0
Pink Floyd lyrics
Pink Floyd Pink Floyd lyrics
Vote up for Pink Floyd Vote down for Pink Floyd +1
Pitchshifter lyrics
Pitchshifter Pitchshifter lyrics
Vote up for Pitchshifter Vote down for Pitchshifter 0
Pixies lyrics
Pixies Pixies lyrics
Vote up for Pixies Vote down for Pixies 0
Placebo lyrics
Placebo Placebo lyrics
Vote up for Placebo Vote down for Placebo +2
Pleymo lyrics
Pleymo Pleymo lyrics
Vote up for Pleymo Vote down for Pleymo 0
Poets Of The Fall lyrics
Poets Of The Fall Poets Of The Fall lyrics
Vote up for Poets Of The Fall Vote down for Poets Of The Fall +2
Poison Idea lyrics
Poison Idea Poison Idea lyrics
Vote up for Poison Idea Vote down for Poison Idea 0
Porcupine Tree lyrics
Porcupine Tree Porcupine Tree lyrics
Vote up for Porcupine Tree Vote down for Porcupine Tree +2
Portishead lyrics
Portishead Portishead lyrics
Vote up for Portishead Vote down for Portishead +2
Posession lyrics
Posession Posession lyrics
Vote up for Posession Vote down for Posession +8
Pretty Maids lyrics
Pretty Maids Pretty Maids lyrics
Vote up for Pretty Maids Vote down for Pretty Maids 0
Primal Fear lyrics
Primal Fear Primal Fear lyrics
Vote up for Primal Fear Vote down for Primal Fear 0
Primal Scream lyrics
Primal Scream Primal Scream lyrics
Vote up for Primal Scream Vote down for Primal Scream +1
Primus lyrics
Primus Primus lyrics
Vote up for Primus Vote down for Primus +2
Prince lyrics
Prince Prince lyrics
Vote up for Prince Vote down for Prince 0
Pro-Pain lyrics
Pro-Pain Pro-Pain lyrics
Vote up for Pro-Pain Vote down for Pro-Pain 0
Prong lyrics
Prong Prong lyrics
Vote up for Prong Vote down for Prong +2
Protest The Hero lyrics
Protest The Hero Protest The Hero lyrics
Vote up for Protest The Hero Vote down for Protest The Hero 0
Public Enemy lyrics
Public Enemy Public Enemy lyrics
Vote up for Public Enemy Vote down for Public Enemy 0
Pulp lyrics
Pulp Pulp lyrics
Vote up for Pulp Vote down for Pulp 0
Pure Love lyrics
Pure Love Pure Love lyrics
Vote up for Pure Love Vote down for Pure Love 0
Puscifer lyrics
Puscifer Puscifer lyrics
Vote up for Puscifer Vote down for Puscifer 0
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