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Bands starting with C

Cacophony lyrics
Cacophony Cacophony lyrics
Vote up for Cacophony Vote down for Cacophony 0
Cage The Elephant lyrics
Cage The Elephant Cage The Elephant lyrics
Vote up for Cage The Elephant Vote down for Cage The Elephant 0
Cake lyrics
Cake Cake lyrics
Vote up for Cake Vote down for Cake +1
Calabrese lyrics
Calabrese Calabrese lyrics
Vote up for Calabrese Vote down for Calabrese +1
Calexico lyrics
Calexico Calexico lyrics
Vote up for Calexico Vote down for Calexico 0
Caliban lyrics
Caliban Caliban lyrics
Vote up for Caliban Vote down for Caliban +1
Cancer Bats lyrics
Cancer Bats Cancer Bats lyrics
Vote up for Cancer Bats Vote down for Cancer Bats 0
Candlebox lyrics
Candlebox Candlebox lyrics
Vote up for Candlebox Vote down for Candlebox 0
Candlemass lyrics
Candlemass Candlemass lyrics
Vote up for Candlemass Vote down for Candlemass 0
Cannibal Corpse lyrics
Cannibal Corpse Cannibal Corpse lyrics
Vote up for Cannibal Corpse Vote down for Cannibal Corpse +1
Carcass lyrics
Carcass Carcass lyrics
Vote up for Carcass Vote down for Carcass 0
Cat Stevens lyrics
Cat Stevens Cat Stevens lyrics
Vote up for Cat Stevens Vote down for Cat Stevens 0
Cathedral lyrics
Cathedral Cathedral lyrics
Vote up for Cathedral Vote down for Cathedral 0
Cauldron lyrics
Cauldron Cauldron lyrics
Vote up for Cauldron Vote down for Cauldron 0
Cavalera Conspiracy lyrics
Cavalera Conspiracy Cavalera Conspiracy lyrics
Vote up for Cavalera Conspiracy Vote down for Cavalera Conspiracy +1
Cave In lyrics
Cave In Cave In lyrics
Vote up for Cave In Vote down for Cave In 0
Cellador lyrics
Cellador Cellador lyrics
Vote up for Cellador Vote down for Cellador 0
Celldweller lyrics
Celldweller Celldweller lyrics
Vote up for Celldweller Vote down for Celldweller 0
Celtic Frost lyrics
Celtic Frost Celtic Frost lyrics
Vote up for Celtic Frost Vote down for Celtic Frost 0
Cheap Trick lyrics
Cheap Trick Cheap Trick lyrics
Vote up for Cheap Trick Vote down for Cheap Trick 0
Chelsea Wolfe lyrics
Chelsea Wolfe Chelsea Wolfe lyrics
Vote up for Chelsea Wolfe Vote down for Chelsea Wolfe 0
Chevelle lyrics
Chevelle Chevelle lyrics
Vote up for Chevelle Vote down for Chevelle +20
Children Of Bodom lyrics
Children Of Bodom Children Of Bodom lyrics
Vote up for Children Of Bodom Vote down for Children Of Bodom +4
Chimaira lyrics
Chimaira Chimaira lyrics
Vote up for Chimaira Vote down for Chimaira 0
Chiodos lyrics
Chiodos Chiodos lyrics
Vote up for Chiodos Vote down for Chiodos 0
Chris Cornell lyrics
Chris Cornell Chris Cornell lyrics
Vote up for Chris Cornell Vote down for Chris Cornell +2
Chris Robinson lyrics
Chris Robinson Chris Robinson lyrics
Vote up for Chris Robinson Vote down for Chris Robinson +1
Chuck Berry lyrics
Chuck Berry Chuck Berry lyrics
Vote up for Chuck Berry Vote down for Chuck Berry 0
City And Colour lyrics
City And Colour City And Colour lyrics
Vote up for City And Colour Vote down for City And Colour +1
City Lights lyrics
City Lights City Lights lyrics
Vote up for City Lights Vote down for City Lights 0
CKY lyrics
CKY CKY lyrics
Vote up for CKY Vote down for CKY 0
Clawfinger lyrics
Clawfinger Clawfinger lyrics
Vote up for Clawfinger Vote down for Clawfinger 0
Clutch lyrics
Clutch Clutch lyrics
Vote up for Clutch Vote down for Clutch +1
Coal Chamber lyrics
Coal Chamber Coal Chamber lyrics
Vote up for Coal Chamber Vote down for Coal Chamber 0
Code Orange lyrics
Code Orange Code Orange lyrics
Vote up for Code Orange Vote down for Code Orange +2
Coheed And Cambria lyrics
Coheed And Cambria Coheed And Cambria lyrics
Vote up for Coheed And Cambria Vote down for Coheed And Cambria +1
Cold lyrics
Cold Cold lyrics
Vote up for Cold Vote down for Cold +1
Cold War Kids lyrics
Cold War Kids Cold War Kids lyrics
Vote up for Cold War Kids Vote down for Cold War Kids 0
Coldplay lyrics
Coldplay Coldplay lyrics
Vote up for Coldplay Vote down for Coldplay +3
Collective Soul lyrics
Collective Soul Collective Soul lyrics
Vote up for Collective Soul Vote down for Collective Soul -1
Comeback Kid lyrics
Comeback Kid Comeback Kid lyrics
Vote up for Comeback Kid Vote down for Comeback Kid 0
Converge lyrics
Converge Converge lyrics
Vote up for Converge Vote down for Converge -1
Coroner lyrics
Coroner Coroner lyrics
Vote up for Coroner Vote down for Coroner 0
Corrosion Of Conformity lyrics
Corrosion Of Conformity Corrosion Of Conformity lyrics
Vote up for Corrosion Of Conformity Vote down for Corrosion Of Conformity +5
Counting Crows lyrics
Counting Crows Counting Crows lyrics
Vote up for Counting Crows Vote down for Counting Crows 0
Cradle Of Filth lyrics
Cradle Of Filth Cradle Of Filth lyrics
Vote up for Cradle Of Filth Vote down for Cradle Of Filth +2
Craneon lyrics
Craneon Craneon lyrics
Vote up for Craneon Vote down for Craneon 0
Crashdiet lyrics
Crashdiet Crashdiet lyrics
Vote up for Crashdiet Vote down for Crashdiet 0
Crazy Lixx lyrics
Crazy Lixx Crazy Lixx lyrics
Vote up for Crazy Lixx Vote down for Crazy Lixx -1
Crazy Town lyrics
Crazy Town Crazy Town lyrics
Vote up for Crazy Town Vote down for Crazy Town -2
Creed lyrics
Creed Creed lyrics
Vote up for Creed Vote down for Creed -1
Creedence Clearwater Revival lyrics
Creedence Clearwater Revival Creedence Clearwater Revival lyrics
Vote up for Creedence Clearwater Revival Vote down for Creedence Clearwater Revival 0
Crematory lyrics
Crematory Crematory lyrics
Vote up for Crematory Vote down for Crematory 0
Crippled Black Phoenix lyrics
Crippled Black Phoenix Crippled Black Phoenix lyrics
Vote up for Crippled Black Phoenix Vote down for Crippled Black Phoenix +1
Cro-Mags lyrics
Cro-Mags Cro-Mags lyrics
Vote up for Cro-Mags Vote down for Cro-Mags 0
Crosses lyrics
Crosses Crosses lyrics
Vote up for Crosses Vote down for Crosses +5
Crowbar lyrics
Crowbar Crowbar lyrics
Vote up for Crowbar Vote down for Crowbar 0
Crown The Empire lyrics
Crown The Empire Crown The Empire lyrics
Vote up for Crown The Empire Vote down for Crown The Empire 0
Crucified Barbara lyrics
Crucified Barbara Crucified Barbara lyrics
Vote up for Crucified Barbara Vote down for Crucified Barbara 0
Crystal Castles lyrics
Crystal Castles Crystal Castles lyrics
Vote up for Crystal Castles Vote down for Crystal Castles 0
Cult of Luna lyrics
Cult of Luna Cult of Luna lyrics
Vote up for Cult of Luna Vote down for Cult of Luna 0
Cycle lyrics
Cycle Cycle lyrics
Vote up for Cycle Vote down for Cycle +3
Cypress Hill lyrics
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill lyrics
Vote up for Cypress Hill Vote down for Cypress Hill +2
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