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War dance song lyrics - Morning Glory music

Morning Glory War dance lyrics
  • track 8 of 13, total running time
  • album War psalms
  • released in 2014
  • produced by
  • record label
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War dance lyrics

We're all strand of a thread
We're connected to one giant web
When we decide to hurt ourselves
So we hurt everyone else
We're all part of the web
Thrive and fall with the rise and the eb
Damage you've done to me
Also lies on the roots of the tree

Arrow and drum
Under the sun
Against powder and gun
Well here we come
War dance
Join the war dance
Sing the war dance
Cosmic war dance

Pete missing-
There is this thing
Which binds us together in common trajectory and collision
In diversity, wealth and suffering
In all humanity's derision
This thing which subscribes us to a single experience
As we share the materials which make us all mortal
The very same which make the stars around us
Pass through us and into others
High or low
Near or far
Young or old
We are all born of a mortal make up
In a balanced state of creation and destruction
(I can't live by what they call society's rules)
Tho we inhabit different vehicles
We are all an integral part of this world
A tapestry interconnected
Filaments of a single web
Bound by the same laws
Together in a kind of cosmic war dance
What we do to ourselves so we do to everyone else
(we all inhabit this small planet,
We all breathe the same air,
And we are all mortal)

We thrive or suffer together or alone
(and we are all mortal)
(we shall fight in the fields,
We shall fight with growing confidence
And growing strength in the air)
We thrive or suffer together or alone
(we just want freedom for our people)
(and we are all mortal)
(I keep asking for help
But no one's been listening to me for a long time)
Together or alone
(and we are all mortal)

War dance!

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check here the lyrics for War dance, the 8th song of the 13 recorded for the album War psalms, with a total running time of , by Morning Glory. It was released on via , and produced by .
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