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Disturbed music lyrics

Disturbed lyrics
There are 2 acts by the name of Disturbed; 1) Well-known American hard rock band with lead singer David Michael Draiman, formed in 1996, with several albums including The Sickness (Giant/Reprise 2000), Believe (Giant/Reprise 2002), Ten Thousand Fists (Reprise, 2005), Indestructible (Reprise, 2008) and Asylum (Reprise, 2010). 2) Late 80’s American Thrash band who released the album Disturbing the Peace in 1988; formed by Earl Root in 86/87 and disbanded in 92/93 before his death in 2008. 1) Disturbed was formed in 1996 when musicians Dan Donegan, Steve Kmak, and Mike Wengren hired singer David Draiman in Chicago, Illinois. They have sold over 11 million albums worldwide, and released four consecutive #1 debuts a feat achieved ...
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Disturbed albums and songs lyrics

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Disturbed - Evolution lyrics
Evolution lyrics 
Evolution at Evolution at wikipedia Evolution at spotify
Evolution lyrics
Disturbed - Immortalized lyrics
Immortalized lyrics 
Immortalized at Immortalized at wikipedia Immortalized at spotify
Immortalized lyrics
Disturbed - The lost children lyrics
The lost children lyrics 
The lost children at wikipedia
The lost children lyrics
1. Hell  
2. A welcome burden  
3. This moment  
4. Old friend  
5. Monster  
6. Run  
7. Leave it alone  
8. Two worlds  
9. God of the mind  
10. Sickened  
11. Mine  
12. Parasite  
13. Dehumanized  
14. 3  
15. Midlife crisis  
16. Living after midnight  
Disturbed - Asylum lyrics
Asylum lyrics 
Asylum at wikipedia Asylum at spotify
Asylum lyrics
1. Remnants  Remnants Youtube video included
2. Asylum  Asylum Youtube video included
3. The Infection  
4. Warrior  
5. Another Way To Die  Another Way To Die Youtube video included
6. Never Again  
7. The Animal  The Animal Youtube video included
8. Crucified  
9. Serpentine  
10. My Child  
11. Sacrifice  
12. Innocence  
14. Leave It Alone  
15. Old Friend  
Disturbed - Indestructible lyrics
Indestructible lyrics 
Indestructible at Indestructible at wikipedia Indestructible at spotify
Indestructible lyrics
1. Indestructible  Indestructible Youtube video included
2. Inside the fire  Inside the fire Youtube video included
3. Deceiver  
4. The night  
5. Perfect insanity  
6. Haunted  
7. Enough  
8. The curse  
9. Torn  
10. Criminal  
11. Divide  
12. Façade  
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists lyrics
Ten Thousand Fists lyrics 
Ten Thousand Fists at Ten Thousand Fists at wikipedia Ten Thousand Fists at spotify
Ten Thousand Fists lyrics
1. Ten Thousand Fists  Ten Thousand Fists Youtube video included
2. Just Stop  Just Stop Youtube video included
3. Guarded  
4. Deify  Deify Youtube video included
5. Stricken  Stricken Youtube video included
6. I'm Alive  
7. Sons Of Plunder  
8. Overburdened  
9. Decadence  
10. Forgiven  
11. Land Of Confusion  Land Of Confusion Youtube video included
12. Sacred Lie  
13. Pain Redefined  
14. Avarice  
15. Monster  
Disturbed - Believe lyrics
Believe lyrics 
Believe at Believe at wikipedia Believe at spotify
Believe lyrics
1. Prayer  Prayer Youtube video included
2. Liberate  Liberate Youtube video included
3. Awaken  
4. Believe  
5. Remember  Remember Youtube video included
6. Intoxication  Intoxication Youtube video included
7. Rise  Rise Youtube video included
8. Mistress  Mistress Youtube video included
9. Breathe  
10. Bound  Bound Youtube video included
11. Devour  Devour Youtube video included
12. Darkness  Darkness Youtube video included
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