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Twelve Foot Ninja music lyrics

Twelve Foot Ninja lyrics
Twelve Foot Ninja are an alternative metal band from Melbourne, Victoria. They formed in 2007. Melbourne Australia based Twelve Foot Ninja are independent and self-funded. Their music and lyrics are inspired by a story (written by guitarist Stevic) of a ninja’s mission to restore balance in a world headed toward self-inflicted catastrophe. Sound familiar? Twelve Foot Ninja describe themselves as a hybrid of genres - metal, dub, yacht rock, funk and world music. The band has embraced the iPod Shuffle mentality and expressed themselves across genres - in the process they push hard on the boundaries of musical styles and credit their audience with the ability to embrace seemingly diverse influences. Latest EP and info on purcha...
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Twelve Foot Ninja albums and songs lyrics

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Twelve Foot Ninja - Outlier lyrics
Outlier lyrics 
Outlier at Outlier at wikipedia Outlier at spotify
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Outlier lyrics
1. One hand killing  
2. Sick  
3. Invincible  
4. Oxygen  
5. Collateral  
6. Post mortem  
7. Point of you  
8. Monsoon  
9. Adios  
10. Dig for bones  
Twelve Foot Ninja - Silent machine lyrics
Silent machine lyrics 
Silent machine at Silent machine at spotify
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Silent machine lyrics
1. Coming for you  
2. Kingdom  
3. Mother sky  
4. Shuriken  
5. Vanguard  
6. Deluge  
7. Liberation  
8. Silent machine  
9. Rogue  
10. Myth of progress  
11. Ain't that a bitch  
12. Luna  
Twelve Foot Ninja - Smoke bomb lyrics
Smoke bomb lyrics 
Smoke bomb at Smoke bomb at spotify
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Smoke bomb lyrics
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