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Mama said knock you out lyrics - LL Cool J album

LL Cool J - Mama said knock you out album lyrics
  • released in 1990
  • produced by
  • record label
  • running time
  • number of tracks 14
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1. The boomin' system lyrics

[Marley Marl:]
Just kick a little something for them cars that be bumpin

Yeah aight
But we need a beat that they can front to
Oh, that'll work
Be funky
You know what I'm sayin?

(Cars ride by with the boomin systems)
(Cars ride by)

For all the cars out there
And all the brothers
That like to front in their rides
Check it out

You know it's funky, funky, funky cos you heard it from hear-say
A jam that you love that don't be gettin no airplay
Strictly for frontin when you're ridin around
12 o'clock at night with your windows down
Headlights breakin cos your batteries drain
Armor all on your tires and a big gold chain
Parkin outside of all the hip-hop spots
Push the E-Q and play connect the dots
Leanin to the side, people everywhere
The trunk full of amps, there ain't no room for a spare
Big beats bumpin with the bass in back
All the sophisticated suckers catch a heart attack
Cos they don't understand why I act this way
Pumpin up the funky beat until the break of day
It's because I want attention when i'm ridin by
And the girls be on my jock cos my system's fly

Girlies wanna ride with a brother like me
Cos they be hear me gettin funky frequently
They tell me don't drink and drive, I say what is this
Mind your business
Now pass it around
Laid back, hypnotized by the funky sound
People in the street see me bobbin my head
While I'm checkin out the rapper and the rhyme that he said
I'm frontin, and I don't care if you know
The backseat of my car is like a disco show
You would think I was a good friend of Al Capone
Crazy air freshener, who needs cologne
Bottom to the bottom to the top to the top
Cruise - it's 3 o'clock
The girlies, they smile, they see me comin
I'm steady hummin, I got the Funky Drummer drummin
My trunk be shakin, vibratin and rattlin
Pumpin so loud, all the shorties be battlin
A right-hand man's here without the swing
Every chance I get I'm showin off my rings
I can keep it up until the break of dawn
Cos I'm frontin in my ride and my word is bond

Sun roof open, so I can feel the wind blow
I don't give a damn if it cracks my back window
C to the o to the o to the l to the i to the n
To the f to the r to the o to the n to the t to the i to the n
That means I'm chillin
Like Spoonie Gee said, my seats are soft like a bed
They recline way back, so I can get real cosy
I got the gangster tapes in the place
Like a basehead would say: I want bass
I want a hit, I want a dose
You're rollin up smilin, but you can't come close
Cos my system is pumpin loud
Like Rakim said: I wanna move the crowd
I warm it up with Kane, fight the power with PE
Tell the cops: you gots to chill with EPMD
This is something devastatin that'll break your trunk
And remember, Uncle L is like the future of the funk

You know what i'm sayin
So next time you're in your ride pumpin it up
Just remember
It's Cool

2. Around the way girl lyrics

(You got me shook up shook down shook out on your loving)
(On your loving)

I want a girl with extensions in her hair
Bamboo earrings
At least two pair
A Fendi bag and a bad attitude
That's all I need to get me in a good mood
She can walk with a switch and talk with street slang
I love it when a woman ain't scared to do her thing
Standing at the bus stop sucking on a lollipop
Once she gets pumping its hard to make the hottie stop
She likes to dance to the rap jam
She sweet as brown sugar with the candied yams
Honey coated complexion
Using Camay
Lets hear it for the girl she's from around the way

I need an around the way girl
Around the way girl
That's the one for me
She's the only one for me
I need an around the way girl
(You got me shook up shook down shook out on your loving)

Silky, milky her smile is like sunshine
That's why I had to dedicate at least one rhyme
To all the cuties in the neighborhood
Cause if I didn't tell you then another brother would
Your sweet like sugar with your gangster talk
Want to eat you like a cookie when I see you walk
With your rayon, silk or maybe even denim
It really doesn't matter as long as you're in them
You can break hearts and manipulate minds
Or surrender act tender be gentle and kind
You always know what to say and do
Cold flip when you think your man is playing you
Not cheap but petty
You're ready for loving
You're real independent so your parents be bugging
But if you ever need a place to stay
(Oooh you love me)
Come around my way

I need an around the way girl
Around the way girl
That's the one for me
She's the only one for me
To the bridge
I need an around the way girl
(You got me shook up shook down shook out on your loving)

Perm in your hair or even a curly weave
With that New Edition Bobby Brown button on your sleeve
I tell you come here
You say meet me half way
Cause brothers been popping that game all day
Around the way you're like a neighborhood jewel
All the home boys sweat you so you're crazy cool
Wear your gold in the summer with your biking shorts
While you watching all the brothers on the basketball court
Going to the movies with your home girls crew
While the businessmen in suits be hawking you
Baby, hair pumping, lip gloss is shining
I think you in the mood for whining and dining
So we can go out and eat somewhere
We got a lot of private jokes to share
Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Renee I love you
You're from around the way

I need an around the way girl
Around the way girl
That's the one for me
She don't love him
(You got me shook)
I need an around the way girl
An around the way girl
Fine as can be
(Oooh you love me)
She oh yea
I need an around the way girl
Around the way girl
That's the one for me
The only one for me
I need an around the way girl
An around the way girl
Fine as can be
(You got me shook up shook down shook out on your loving)
(You got me shook up shook down shook out)
[till fade]
3. Eat 'em up l chill lyrics

(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)

[ VERSE 1 ]
Bring on the mo's and ho's
Don't snooze or doze
Cause I'm rippin up shows
Hold your nose, dead bodies are around
I leave scratch marks under the tears of a clown
I write rhymes that shine like lipstick
So much material, but not materialistic
Imperial styles I use
When the mic is lifted the crowd is amused
Come with it, if you feel you're full-fledged
Or yell "Geronimo!" and jump off the edge
Your e-n-d is near when I appear
The stage is yours, but wait until the smoke clears
Rhyme sayer, and I'm here to lay a load
So watch a player when he's playin in player mode
Uncle L's bad, and you're soon to say
Cause I rip the mic until the toon decay

(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)

[ VERSE 2 ]
MC's are dumb, I catch em in a dragnet
You're not complete, I'm battlin a fragment
So creative and witty and outstandin
And I be demandin that you're abondoned
In the desert or a wild west town
While I'm at your crib on a cherry-go-round
Where will she stop? No one knows
Like I said before, bring on the mo's and ho's
I know my abc's and my p's and q's
Just chill and listen to the rhyme cruise
All aboard, the cod is a reward
Some were ignored when they toured for they bored
The crowd was aloud, lyrics weren't endowed
Took a crack of the 40 and went to show em how
You like me now, but you didn't before
Cause you forgot I was raw

(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Yo, eat em up, L)


Future of the funk, ah

(Go 'head, baby)
(Do it)

Go 'head, baby
(Do it)
(Do it)

(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Yo, eat em up, L) [2x]

[ VERSE 3 ]
It's so visual the way I'm throwin down
Visualize MC's goin down
In a barrage of bullets combinated with rhymes
The moral of the story is: I'ma get mines
I saw the cord-less, boy, I'm gonna house that
Your rhymes are cheesy, you found em in a mouse trap
Don't try to front while the freestyle's droppin
He wants to battle, he must be needle-poppin
You better notify your next akin
Cause when I begin it's like a needle to the skin
If you wasn't prepared
Then you ought to be scared
But even if you was
You're aware what the rhyme does
I remember when you was an amateur
Writin your rhymes, starin at my signature
Bought the album, analyzed the style
Tisk-tisk (Hatchew!) God bless you, child
I'm unique when I speak to a beat
Another rapper'll fall when the mission's complete
I daze and amaze, my display's a faze
Every phrase is a maze as Uncle L slays
The competition that's lost in a freestyle
Cause on the mic I'm the golden child
With the magical wand that they're callin a mike
And when MC's approach it turns into a spike

(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
(Eat em up, L)
Why don't you just chill
(Eat em up, L)


I wanna say what's up to my man Kool Herc
And my man Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation
Know what what I'm sayin
My man Marley Marl and DJ Clash
My man B-Blast
Rush Town
Def Jam
We in the house
Of course I gotta say what's up to my homeboys EPMD
I get busy
4. Mr good bar lyrics

[LL Cool J]
Nah y'all nah y'all uh-uh
I ain't disrespecting though
I'm just saying it happen to me
It can happen to him
How you doing?
What's your name?
Uh, mmm, haha
Oh you're his girl

[LL Cool J]
Hello my name is Mr. Goodbar
I'm came to offer champagne
Later on maybe I'll tell you my real name
But for now sip your drink and be merry
And be a nice girl and sing me a cherry
Me, I'll have a Kahlua and milk
Cause champagne always stains my silk
You got a man? That's something we will talk about
He's smart enough to have ya, but dumb enough to let ya out
I like ya Fendi bag your alligator shoes
Ya hairstyle and ya whole point of view
The way you lick your lips and stare
You tell me that's a habit hmmm yeah
Honey coated legs, with not one scar
The stylish wardrobe is up the par
Here's my number, call me in my car
You deserve a visit from Mr. Goodbar

[LL Cool J]
So how long you been talking to him?
Word, nah he's cool with me, he's cool with me
Oh he loves you

[LL Cool J]
Honey open up a bottle of brandy
Better yet have a piece of Cool J candy
And sweat the man with the master disaster
Break ya like plaster-plan and
The cards on the table and the deal is dealt
Uh, I'm in the mood for a tuna melt
And I can't make you, I sure wouldn't rape you
Feeling kinda mellow and I sure would hate to leave the job half-done (Nah!)
Cause at a time like this you're the one that I'm looking for,
crawling on the floor (WOOF!)
I'm coming back for more
If the Mona Lisa's name was Teresa
I'll get a piece-a of the Mona Lisa, then smoke a cigar
You deserve a visit from Mr. Goodbar

[LL Cool J]
Yeah, so you be calling on the request line
Hahahaha oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh he's my man, word him too
Yeah I like Bobby Brown
Tell him he's cool but:

[LL Cool J]
Don't be cruel cause you'll be on your own
It's my prerogative and my microphone
Come and get this ice-cream cone
Or I'll deliver it when your daddy ain't home
Grown and healthy that's how I like em
Big juicy legs and a nice pair of kegs
Hmmm, Mr. Good bar style
You haven't met a guy like me in a while
I jump out a cake, dance, play, shake I ain't got no Body by Jake
Smooth as Whitester extra dry Moetzer
Chandon and I'll slip it in your mouth like a Bon-Bon

[LL Cool J]
I'm Mr. Goodbar (Goodbar) yeah
So you know next time uh your man is out
Check my (???)
Nah, nah he's cool
But my girl oh I don't know your man might be with her uh
But I'm with you, yeah Mr. Goodbar baby, uh
May I say may I say that outfit you got on
Is slammin', juicy lips so honey coated hmmm
Yo he never says that to you
He never gives you compliments
Yo he be giving you flowers baby
And telling you how much he cares for you
Does he hold you and caress you and give you affection
I didn't think so
5. Murdergram lyrics

Aiyyo don't go near the speakers

[LL Cool J]
The big showdown the display is skill
I'm the type of Picasso witcha girl on the pill
Take a family snap shot kiss ya wife
Cause I'm like a knife, the concrete is right
And I'll take ya life and take ya like python
I'ma do you wrong
Any emcee who you wanna name?
I want pain that I can be tamed
Talkin about guns punk it don't alarm me
Got enough cash to make a whole damn army
I can't hold back the way that I feel
Cause when I bust a rhyme it's like ya slippin off banana peels
Ya like fruit cake ya fruit cocktails
First your title now I'm takin your female
All of a sudden you're so proud of a black
A baseball hat but you ain't sayin jack
The ripper is back and you can't escape
Cause one of my records will sell more than your whole tape
I want beef so bring on the rookies
I got more than just Cool J cookies
Rip Rock, crush, stop, cop, I'm poison come and take a drop
I bet ya teeth will end up around the corner kid
Don't ask me why I did it
I'm civilized damage to a nobody
And I'm carrying a gun if I'm rhyming at the party
New York, Chicago, Detroit, LA
I'll slay wherever ya play
D.C. or Philly, or Baltimore
I'm worrying the rich, invading the poor
Perpetrating in your video, here's the real smoothing
Country accents, who do you think you're foolin?
I play "crushable", "late night craps"
You only knew cause ya onto your raps
And rap city and V.E.T.
The channel 31 and but now here I come
To save the day and the now you're getting done
Like a hooker, don't try to soul, crumb
The first sign of the battle you little fake
It's (???) comin out ya kitchen sink
Your Mic's a baby bottle son
Some say they ain't but I am the one
The slice is that the fire boy it'll break ya
servin or heard em a word occurred to him
then he could move a would get moved on
Like a shotgun blast big mouth emcees I'll bet ya none last
cause they ain't sable or able
And I bruise the party like jumper cables
So plug me in and put me on
I'm serial hard so I can battle amore
from coast to coast fly, cripple, and crazy
Use a dictionary but you still don't phase me
Listen ansd we can sound cheap
Reach out for my blackness but your records ain't wack this
Your bitin on the castle door but when you fall in the moat
I won't see ya no more
Let's get together and diss LL
Use his name and ya records might sell
I can't believe you found a dead maggots
crawlin all over my name I won't have that
You better look in the mirror and re-think your plan
Why walk in quicksand?
When you can stand on your own two feet
I'm rippin emcees a funky drum with a big beat
Name the date and a or Rainer
Ya three year old ballerina
I can't believe the suckers try to throw-down
Whether you're new or older than old town
Just kick back I don't like a ?stagger wagger? psycho rap
You can't handle the format
Whether you're swab or swoon
Ruff or rugged all I need is a broom
If I slay the way they slay, punk play the pay
Mr. Morris has entered the buffet
Some of y'all are sittin in rows
Plates of hot butter rolls, beat ya with balamey
Slap ya with salami cause when I get hot I get hot like pastrami
Then I make ya wonder why you don't hear bass
But you feel the thunder
You get cooked I'll knock out your tooth
We'll be fighting from lobby to the roof
You are on me like I wrote your dinnertime
Yo Marley (Whassup?) spill the time
(Nah man, just kick a little warmth)
Pass the brass knuckles then we break his jaw
When I'm on the microphone I want silence
Let KRS-One stop the violence
Ain't no rivals ain't no competition
Punk, I'm beatin ya into submission
I'm gettin busier than ever before
Never more will I'll slack I'ma keep it real raw
Eat ya up like a pack-jam
Video is poppin over a Batman
Rippin you to shreds, tappin you on the head
Then leave the battle lookin as happy as a newly wed
Give me a tech-nine to spray
Save the peep and put it on law-away
I'll make a mailman spin and send a jam the fans will understand
Feel ya weep about the murdergram
6. Cheesy rat blues lyrics

[Intro: sampled from "The Vapors" by BizMarkie]

Nothin can save ya
Nothin, can save ya
Nothin can save ya
[scratched] Nothin

Just throw your hands in the air
And wave 'em like you just don't care
Keep 'em there
Yo, run the jewels, run the jewels, run the jewels

[scratched] Can you feel it

[Verse One:]

I used to be rollin like a millionaire
Cash in a flash, bankroll to spare
Homeboys hangin, champagne and girls
Got my main woman Diamonds, my mistress Pearls
Everybody laughin at my corny jokes
I was stupid; I thought that they were sincere folks
It turned out they liked the money and the fame
If I ain't get paid, I'd be that nobody James
The nobody, who dreamed about bein somebody
Chief rocker at the party
And they was hangin like, "Yo, I'm your man
I don't even care about the ring on your hand"
We'd go out to eat and chill
But they would go to the bathroom when it was time to pay the bill
I didn't notice all the chuckles and laughter
Too busy with a female tellin me I'm the master
I was slick like, "Huh, do I know you?
I got play, here, let me show ya"
Used to have a girl that was on the ball
When the cash flow got low, so did her calls
Used to have a homeboy, always chillin
My cash went low, he told me I was illin
And don't call cause he don't hang with derelicts
Broke with no cash, yo, I was in the mix
Everybody stepped cause my pocket wasn't fat
My girl got a new man, I fixed his flat
I'm the one that they're laughin' at
They say, "Cheesy rat, you ain't all that"

[Chorus: BizMarkie again]

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Nothin can save ya

[Verse Two:]

I mean crabbin, played out by backstabbin; I feel like tiein
a anchor to my ankle and jumpin right in the ocean
Cause I'm ashy and I can't afford lotion
So-called friends in the jewelry store
Told me, "Todd, come back when you get off tour"
Souped as hell, I really regret it
Now the only thing I got in my pocket is bad credit
How can a man like me
be walkin around in a world of misery?
And if women like a man with a body, it's not mine
Cause they be walkin past me like I'm a stop sign
My homeboys laugh when they pass the forty
Sayin, "Todd, as if he used to have a sporty"
The Benz was slammin, the Jeep was pumpin
Ain't that somethin?
I just laugh, this isn't what I was raised for
When I walk away, it's like ain't this a
kick in the rear, that I'm standin here
And can't afford a tissue for my tear
Should I drink wine and brandy
or get a job puttin stripes on candy
Or put a hole in donuts?
Cause when you're broke, your middle name is "so-what?"
I had to learn in an incredibly fast way
When you ain't got no money they treat you like an ashtray
I pawned all my jewelry and clothes
Right after that, I got dissed by all the hoes
that I thought was mine, but really never was
Soon the whole neighborhood got the buzz
That my tank was on "E", and that means empty
That Twinkie looks good, so mister don't tempt me
Everybody thought I was trippin
I rode the back of the bus, but my grip kept on slippin
I'm the man that they're laughin at
They say, "Cheesy rat, you ain't all that"

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse Three:]

I wanna hang with my man like, "Let's do this"
But this man like "Who this?"
That's right, the brother got two faces
They got me puttin the tips on shoelaces
P on the Puma, a mop and a bucket
My motto is... I don't care
I don't give a damn, so what, why try?
I might as well rob some Blake Carrington sucker for his money
It's so funny
Cars ride by with the boomin system
Sayin, "Leave him alone, my man already dissed him"
Now I'm on the cheeseline, poverty-stricken
As the red tape thickens
I go to the park, they wanna baseball-bat me
I go to the mall, they throw my old tapes at me
I'm so horny
And every girl I know be like, "He's so corny"
I want money in a hurry
I'm gettin tired of leftover curry
I wanna fall off, but I don't know where the edge is
I'm so hungry, I eat my neighbor's hedges
Now I realize I gotta go for mine
It's windshield time
I take quarters, pennies, dimes and nickles
and a kiddy's tricycle
I'm a desperado
"I'ma steal your rims" is my motto
I watch wrestlin until I'm dizzy sore
So if you're cashin your rent check, know how to get busy
Go to the drive-through, run with a milkshake
Go to the supermarket, pocket a raw steak
I need beer
I'ma catch the Miller truck out there
You know how they throw, the newspapers in the morning
The owner don't want em
I'm the man that they're laughin at
They say, "Cheesy rat, you ain't all that."

[Repeat chorus]


So yo, one more time, one more time
Party people in the house tonight

Just throw your hands in the air
And wave em like you just don't care
Keep em there
Run the jewels, run the jewels, run the jewels
7. Farmer blvd. (our anthem) lyrics

(Hey man, don't you realize
In order for us to make this thing work, man
We've got to get rid of the pimps, and the pushers, and the prostitutes?)

Yes, yes, y'all

[ Cool J ] Ah, ah
That's funky
[ Marley Marl ] Yeah
Hey yo, Marley, man
[ Marley Marl ] Yo, what's up, man?
[ Cool J ] Hey yo, man
You know
We was gettin busy on the album everyday
We been gettin funky, but
I wanna take this jam back to Farmers
[ Marley Marl ] Yo, let's go back on Farmers
And get some of them early MC's
You used to be kickin it with back in the day?
[ Cool J ] Yeah, yeah, yeah
[ Marley Marl ] Yo, let's do a jam with them
[ Cool J ] Aight, bet
But first I gotta like introduce it
[ Marley Marl ] Aight, kick it...

(Farmers Boulevard)

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Back in the days, before I was Cool J
I used to hang up on the corner, pumpin Games People Play
Sittin on a garbage can, rhymin to my man
Talkin bout big money and future plans
I always told the brothers, if I got a contract
When the money started flowin, I'd be back
To do a jam, against all odds
Introducing rapper 1 from Farmers Boulevard

[ Bomb ]
Hey yo, B-o-m-b, bomb explosion
Attack like a cat when I'm trapped and I'm closed in
Sharp-ass claws, and I break all laws
In a while all jaws, cause I'm perfect, no flaws
Now I'm back to Farmers on some new improved
(Sh...) I'm makin moves, not fakin moves
So don't you never come around here, talkin that talk
Or walkin that walk, you'll get played like a sport
Football, soccer, whatever you savour
You're a tramp and a pussycat, ready for labor
Ha! L'll have you breakin locks
I'll have you cookin fried rice in a big steel box
The type of skills that I got reigned for years
No worry or cares, your crew'll shed tears
'Hip-hip-hooray, he's back!' Yo, save the cheers
Suckers, I'm drinkin forties of beers
On the Boulevard

[ Cool J ] Funky, funky, funky rhymes bein said here
[ Marley Marl ] Hey yo, hey yo
Hey yo Uncle L, let's go...
[ Cool J ] Yeah man, I wanna check out my man Big Money Grip
Yo, what's up, man
Kick a little somethin

[ Big Money Grip ]
Kick out the can and slam
Summertime, C.I.A. step into the jam
Reach for the mic, and the punks start to fold up
And the brothers start fleein like it's a hold-up
Some step aside, but a few play me close
Never worry, cause the brother who cross me's gettin burried
And the fool who wants to deal with another dose
I see to it in a hour that the mutha is comatose
Farmers Boulevard, the place
Handin me a mic is like givin a chainsaw to Leatherface
Smokin MC's in an instant
At my side bustin caps is T-Boogie, my assistant
Throw that speaker in the trash
Why's that? Cause Gangster Boogie gave the woofer a gash
Big Money Grip makin you get up
Farmers Crew's in effect, we never heard of a head-up

[ Marley Marl ] Yo, yo, yo
It's kinda funky out here on the boulevard, yo
[ Cool J ] Yeah, we livin chinese people in a turkish bath, baby
[ Marley Marl ] Hi C over there, man
[ Cool J ] Yo, what's up Hi C...

[ Hi C ]
Hi C on the scene, at last to bust a funky rhyme
More than a line on time, because I'm gettin mine
Never underestimate the skill of a great one
The Boulevard Lord, shorts, never take none
Another funky rapper from around the way
Leavin bodies at a party, cause somebody gotta pay
Boy, you been told, put your lips on hold
All you remember is a barrel and a mouth full of gold
Spreadin terror on the street like they was in the past
Any punks on the block, yo, never could last
And I never feel sorry for a sucker I gained on
Any slick talker, yo, he's bound to get rained on
At any Farmers party at my side is a Mag
(One time a sucker got ill and went out in a bodybag)
Fear will erupt through the heart of another
The Farmers Crew will never fall, that's word to the mother

[ Marley Marl ] Yo, yo
It's kinda funky out here
Yo, yo, yo, Hi C
Yo man, y'all kinda funky out here, yo
I was -
Yo, what's up?
[ crew member ] ...9 years ago, man
[ Cool J ] Farmers Boulevard, baby
[ Marley Marl ] Yo, I was kinda -
I was kinda stagnant to sleep on it
But yo, L
Won't you - won't you sum it all up for the people, aight?
[ Cool J ] Aight, let me sum this up

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Now you heard the brothers speakin bout the street that we're from
Rhymes hittin, beats kickin, you can't get none
F-a-r-m-e-r-s passin the test
Marley Marl in the background doin the rest
Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do, do-ti-la-so-fa-mi-re-do, kato
Get up out my face before I play you like Play-Doh
I did a jam against all odds
And it was dedicated to Farmers Boulevard

(Farmers Boulevard)

Keep on

(Farmers Boulevard)

To the beat, y'all
A funky beat, y'all
Yes, yes, y'all
You don't stop
8. Mama said knock you out lyrics


C'mon man

[News Report]

And with the local DBT news, LL Cool J with a triumphant comeback
but tonite...


Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years
Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear
Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon
Listen to the bass go BOOM
Explosion, overpowerin
Over the competition, I'm towerin
Wreckin shop, when I drop these lyrics that'll make you call the cops
Don't you dare stare, you betta move
Don't ever compare
Me to the rest that'll all get sliced and diced
Competition's payin the price


I'm gonna knock you out (HUUUH!!!)
Mama said knock you out (HUUUH!!!)

Don't u call this a regular jam
I'm gonna rock this land
I'm gonna take this itty bitty world by storm
And I'm just gettin warm
Just like Muhummad Ali they called him Cassius
Watch me bash this beat like a skull
Cuz u know I had beef wit
Why do u riff with me, the maniac psycho
And when I pull out my jammy get ready cuz it might go
BLAAAAW, how ya like me now?
The river will not allow
U to get with, Mr. Smith, dont riff
Listen to my gear shift
I'm blastin, outlastin
Kinda like Shaft, so u could say I'm shaftin
Old English filled my mind
And I came up with a funky rhyme



Shadow boxin when I heard you on the radio (HUUUH!!!)
I just don't know
What made you forget that I was raw?
But now I got a new tour
I'm goin insane, startin the hurricane, releasin pain
Lettin you know that you can't gain, I maintain
Unless ya say my name
Rippin, killin
Diggin and drillin a hole
Pass the Ol' Gold


Shotgun blasts are heard
When I rip and kill, at WILL
The man of the hour, tower of power, I'll devour
I'm gonna tie you up and let you understand
that I'm not your average man
when I got a jammy in my hand
DAAAAAM!!!!! Oooooohh!!
Listen to the way I slaaaaay, your crew
Damage (UHH) damage (UHH) damage (UHH) damage
Destruction, terror, and mayhem
Pass me a sissy so suckas I'll slay him
Farmers (What!!!) Farmers (What!!!)
I'm ready (we're ready!!!)
I think I'm gonna bomb a town (get down!!)
Don't u neva, eva, pull my lever
Cuz I explode
And my nine is easy to load
I gotta thank God
Cuz he gave me the strength to rock
HARD!! knock you out, mama said knock you out

9. Milky cereal lyrics

Ooh yeah
Hey yo, man
Ain't nothin like a nice bowl of cornflakes in the morning
to smooth you out

Cereal [2x]

[ VERSE 1 ]
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the baddest female of them all?
It was Frosted Flake, she loved to bowl
And although her skin was white she had a lot of soul
Rich female, very debonnaire
Drivin a Rolls with rollers in her hair
We was hangin out, pumpin the stereo
She took me to a club, I think the name was Cheerio's
She walked like she was jumpin a hurdle
I was happy as a kid that just saw _Mutant Ninja Turtles_
A guy walked over, said, "Your earring's cute"
I said, "I'm wearin a earring, but it ain't no Fruit Loop"
Me and Frosted went to get a drink
But she ordered somethin bugged and I ain't know what to think
She ordered potassium, calcium
Carbohydrate scotch with sodium
She took me to her crib, threw me on the couch
I woke up the next morning with a spoon in my mouth

Cereal [4x]

[ VERSE 2 ]
I went to Vegas, didn't think it'd do any harm
I walked into this girl named Lucky Charm
For some reason we walked in the rain
She had a four-leaf clover with a big gold chain
She had a salary that was full of calories, for real
And I was in the mood for a homecooked meal
So we went to be alone
But we had to be quiet, cause her cornpops was home
Kissed her neck, kissed her back, kissed her arms
I said, "Forget it, let me see your lucky charms"
When we began her hairstyle was neat
But when I left the next morning it looked like shredded wheat
Talked about marriage, I said, "That's risky
Besides, it's such a waste of Rice Crispies"
She had a robe with the velours material
Her pops woke up, I said, "Hello Mr. Cereal
I came this morning to deliver the paper"
He said, "Stop frontin, I know you caught the vapors
That's my daughter, so save your croonin
You better find another bowl of cereal to stick your spoon in"

Cereal [4x]

Yeah, check this out here:

[ VERSE 3 ]
Then there was Pebbles, times was rough
She was turnin tricks to get her 'coo-coo puff!'
Her mind was gone, but she turned me on, in fact
She was wearin an Apple Jack hat
With a full-link fox and some pink bobby-socks
Her father had a greedy disease, fried chicken pocks
We called him Hungry Jack
He talked like pops, and then he dressed like The Mack
He invited me out to lunch
With a old army buddy of his, Captain Crunch
The waiter said, "Jack, what would you like today?"
He said, "I don't know, just make it Special, 'K?"
He said, "Cool," came back with the order
That's when I said, "Hey yo, Jack, I like your daughter"
He said, "Pebbles? Boy, are your crazy?
I said, "Nah, I wanna ride in a Mercedes
She could sing while I'm swingin my thing
Cause her burgers taste better than Burger King"
He said, "Go party, do some minglin
You and my daughter, your brain must be jinglin"
I said, "It's smooth, no disrespect
She'll sign a pre-nup, so she don't get half of my week check"
Then we walked down the aisle
Our honeymoon was milky - cereal style

You know what I'm sayin?

Cereal [4x]

10. Jingling baby lyrics

(And you say New York City...) [2x]

(They're jinglin', baby) Go 'head, baby. [4x]

Uncle. L. Future of the funk. Records I recorded minus all the junk.
People spread gossip and believe what they must,
but I slam dunk punks and make 'me bite the dust.
A minute is needed to make a phony roni bleed,
and put 'em in a bucket like he's chicken feed.
Check out the...pick of the litter, not a quitter, I'm nice (nice-nice);
and I'm-a dust you off and dust you off twice.
I heard it's all observant, hysterical fan-
-natics of the Asiatic miracle man.
Prominent, dominant, McCoy and I'm real.
Another brother's fan? Forget how you feel.
He's so-so, I got the instinct.
They call me Deputy Dog to put your booty in the clink.
You're dancin' to a Marley Marl remix single, love:
Let me see your earrings jingle, love...

[Chorus 4x]

I chopped you, chewed you, baked you, and schooled you.
That slop you pop, you need to stop, you're kind of rude you
no good niggaboo tryin' to base, how we livin', homes? Get out my face!
I'm complete, in effect, and I can't maul.
Rise, suprise, and I advise you all.
To stand back and peep, don't sleep or doubt.
My skill'll get ill, I turn the mother out, huh.
I'm top-notch, you're playin' hop-scotch.
Now I'm-a do ya while the party people watch.
You're real funny, you really try to go for yours.
But I know why: you ain't had no dough before.
So you tried and lied to drain my fame.
This ain't a game, yo, you know my name.
Innovating, devastating, and dope on a single, now,
dance to my remix single...

[Chorus 4x]

When you first walked in, I ain't know what to think,
cuz you grabbed the microphone like your booty don't stink.
And tried to run down that, I can't get over that
garbage you were sayin': you call that a battle rap?
How you gonna go against an army with a handgun?
I'm L.L., and you don't understand, son.
I'm a legend, on top of that I'm livin'.
Now you look booty like that bum Miss Givins.
Whoever geesed you up...nah, how should I say it?
Whoever set you up, they knew just how to play it.
Cuz man, YO, I feel for ya brother, I'm a baaaaaad...
(Word to the mother!)
Takin' out sucker while the ladies pucker,
and rollin' over punks like a redneck trucker.
Innovating, devastating, and dope on a single, now...
lemme see your earrings jingle...

[Chorus 4x] ...break down!
[organ instrumental]
[Chorus 4x]

Can't believe you tried to get the same mic as me,
your grip's too weak, you can't hold it, B.
You can dream of makin' progress and gettin' this nice,
but when I roll up, it's like Hip Hop Vice.
Serve to curbs, I never swerve a superb.
Every word you heard played tricks on your nerves.
Played your hand, lost track of your plan,
when I show up, I blow up, end of story, my man.
Play you like a poker chip, that's what you get.
I bet your fret, sweat, and regret you met
the Titan of Fightin', excitin' when writin',
you're trite from the toy, boy, I gotta enlight, so start bitin'.
You know you can't create and get mean like this;
when I'm on the court, G, it's strictly SWISSSSHHHH!
When it's all over, said and done, my friend,
they'll say, "L.L. Cool J just scored again."
So take a step back, give me some room to wreck shop.
Here's your token back, you're gettin' off at the next stop.
I'm-a deliver and give a speech with vigor.
Pass the wine cooler you big black.... [laughter]

[Chorus 8x]
(And you say New York City) [4x]
[organ instrumental]
11. To da break of dawn lyrics


(To da break of dawn)

All my sex involved
As we get funky
Rhymes so bizarre
Everybody knows
When it come to a situation like this
Little more effects
And I can't resist
So we get funky in the house
L.L. Cool J style
This ain't on a pop tip
Check it out

[ VERSE 1 ] [ dissing Kool Moe Dee ]
What is a panther? A animal that kills
I'm like a shark with blood comin out the gills
You could never in your wildest dreams
Get a piece of this gangsta lean straight from Queens
Strong as liquor, to be seen in a limousine
Now you're gettin done without Vaseline
Wouldn't bite because your rhymes are puppy chow
Made another million, so competators bow
Homeboy, hold on, my rhymes are so strong
Nothing could go wrong, so why do you prolong
Songs that ain't strong, brother, you're dead wrong
And got the nerve to have them Star Trek shades on
Ha, you can't handle the whole weight
Skin needs lotion, teeth need Colgate
Wise up, you little burnt up french fry
I'm that type of guy
And I slammed you know, just like a sumo
Put him in pampers, leave my drawers in his hamper
When I'm through, you need a brand-new identity
I was scoopin girls before you lost your virginity
Your jam is just a dreamin MC scheme
Gettin crushed by a L.L. theme
Somethin like Shaft, put you in a cask' - bo!
You little blood-clot boy, you must not know
The rep I keep, the MC's I peep, sweep, play cheap
And freak with a chic unique technique
Get rid of the yukmouth smile
Cause brother, you ain't got no style

Keep on
(To da break of dawn)
(To da break of dawn)
Keep on
(To da break of dawn)
Hey yo, that's kinda funky
But check this out here
(Rock that shit)
(To da break of dawn)

[ VERSE 2 ] [ dissing M.C. Hammer ]
Immaculate styles I use to abuse
MC's, so light the fuse
And spread the news, you lose
To the damager, microphone manager
Cold crush and bruise and bandage a amateur
That amateur swingin a hammer
>From a body bag, so run and get your camera
Get a flick of the stiff dead-shot to get swift
But I'm the wrong brother to dance with
Cause I don't need a partner to swing
Keep your eyes on the Cool J ring
Shootin the gift, but you just don't shoot it right
You couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight
Wouldn't throw a rock in a ghost town
So don't try to play post, clown
You know the L.L.'s back in town
And all the wanna-be sherrifs is gettin shot down
(_shot_) Gimme that microphone
I'ma show you the real meaning of the danger zone
Stop dancin, get to walkin
Shut your old mouth when young folks is talkin
Huh, you little snake in the grass
You swing a hammer, but you couldn't break a glass
Gimme a lighter - woof!
Now you're cut loose
From that jherri curl juice
Cool J is back on the map
And when I see ya, I'ma give you a slap
That's right, a little kick for that crap
Cause my old gym teacher ain't supposed to rap

Keep on
(To da break of dawn)
(To da break of dawn)
Funk it up
I said keep on
(To da break of dawn)
(Yo, rock that shit)
(To da break of dawn)
Check this out

[ VERSE 3 ] [ dissing Ice-T ]
How dare you stand beside me
I'm Cool, I freeze I-c-e
On your trail and I'ma cut that bull tail
You're disobedient with the wrong ingredients
But I'ma drink you down over the rocks
While I freak on your album cover jocks
You're gonna hear a real ill paragraph soon
I took the cover right home to the bathroom
In the immortal words of L.L., 'hard as hell'
Your broad wears it well
She's the reason that your record sold a few copies
But your rhymes are sloppy
Like Oscar, and you're bound to get dropped
And stopped, I ain't Murray the cop
Nor am I Felix, but I got a bag of tricks
Mr. Pusherman, gimme a fix
So I can show you I'm immune to them romper room tunes
You little hip-hop racoon
I'm not Scarface, but I want more beef
Before you rapped you was a downtown car thief
Workin in a parking lot
A brother with a perm deserves to get burned
So tell me how you like your coat cream?
On a cone, in a bowl, or in a wet dream?
With your tv on channel fuzz
Uncle L, that's how much damage he does
Here's 5 dollars, catch a taxi cab
Take your rhymes around the corner to the rap rehab

Keep on
(To da break of dawn)
(To da break of dawn)
I say keep on
(To da break of dawn)

Just wanted to funk it up a little bit
My man Pete Rock is up in the crib
Over here at Marley Marl house
Just coolin out
My man Clash in the house
Sippin on this Bartles & Jaymes premium piece flavor out the cooler
Loungin back
Keep on
12. 6 minutes of pleasure lyrics

Six minutes, six minutes
Six minutes, six minutes

I know why you're here
I ain't sayin nothin

[LL Cool J]
Aiyyo baby I know why you're here
I know what you're doing
I can see it in your eyes you're up to somethin
I know what it is, but we're still cool
And we can socialize, I'm peepin ya baby
I'm holdin back I'm not lettin go
Cause a fool doesn't have a shoulder to cry on
So, give me a kiss and you service
Whether you like a mister or a miss

[Chorus - sample in the background]
[LL Cool J]
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin

[LL Cool J]
Baby you're my dear I know why you're here
I know why you came I know what you're thinkin
I know what you need and that's what I've got
You think I'm goin crazy no I'm not drinking
I know what you want, I made ya want it
Take my hand listen to the man
You have a plan don't even risk it
What do you want - a biscuit?

[Chorus - sample in the background]
[LL Cool J]
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin

Six minutes, six minutes
Six minutes, six minutes
(I ain't sayin nothin)
Six minutes, six minutes

[LL Cool J]
Honey, I know what you're up to I know how you're livin
I know where you go when you leave my house
I know what your dreams are but I dream too
Your with a man your not with a mouse
I see how you stare I see how you smile
I see right through now act like you knew
I know all about where you been runnin
Wipe your feet before you come in

[Chorus - sample in the background]
[LL Cool J]
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin

[LL Cool J]
Yeah, that's smooth, let's just sit here and relax
while my man plays the piano for us
Sip somethin mellow
And it's us while you're here
But of course I ain't sayin nothin

[LL Cool J]
OK, now that you know I know you know that I know you know
And that's the move so sit right here
Whisper in my ear caress my chest
And say somethin smooth but don't forget
I'll know what you'll say
Just what I thought I know the routine
I know the routine just what I thought
I know you tell the truth I know you don't lie
Ssssssshhhhhhh, close your eyes

[Chorus - sample in the background]
[LL Cool J]
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin
Aiyyo baby I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin

[LL Cool J]
I won't tell if you won't tell
It's cool with me I know why you're here
I ain't sayin nothin
I ain't sayin nothin
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin

I know why you're here
I ain't sayin nothin

[LL Cool J]
I know you don't love me
I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin

I know why you're here
But I ain't sayin nothin

[LL Cool J]
I know you don't love me
But I ain't sayin nothin
(I know why you're here)
I ain't sayin
13. Illegal search lyrics

Yo baby
Put your seatbelt on
I got my paperwork, don't worry
It's cool

[ The Flex ]
Illegal search

(Do you wanna see it?)

(I'm gonna do it)

[ VERSE 1 ]
What the hell are you lookin for?
Can't a young man make money anymore?
Wear my jewels and like freak it on the floor
Or is it my job to make sure I'm poor?
Can't my car look better than yours?
Keep a cigar in between my jaws
I drink champagne, to hell with Coors
Never sold coke in my life, I do tours
Get that flashlight out of my face
I'm not a dog, so damn it, put away the mace
I got cash and real attorneys on the case
You're just a joker perpetratin a ace
You got time, you wanna give me a taste
I don't smoke cigarettes, so why you're lookin for base?
You might plant a gun, and hope I run a race
Eatin in the messhall, sayin my grace
You tried to frame me, but it won't work
Illegal search

[ The Flex ]
Keep on searchin

[ L.L. Cool J ]
I'm totally relaxed

[ The Flex ]
Illegal searchin

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Illegal search

[ The Flex ]
Keep on searchin
Keep on searchin
Keep on searchin
Gotta, gotta, gotta...

[ VERSE 2 ]
I call it nice, you call it a 'drug car'
I say 'disco', you call it a 'drug bar'
I say 'nice guy', you call me Mr. Good Bar
I made progress, you say, "Not that far"
I just started it, you're searchin my car
But all my paperwork is up to par
It's in my Uncle's name, so the frame won't work
Chump - illegal search

[ The Flex ]
Keep on searchin

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Illegal search

You won't find nothin

[ VERSE 3 ]
On the turnpike, and everything's right
In the background is flashin lights
Get out the car in the middle of the night
It's freezin cold, and you're doin it for spite
Slam me on the hood, yo, that ain't right
You pull out your gun if I'm puttin up a fight
My car, my clothes, and my girl is hype
But you wanna replace my silver stripes
You're a real man, your uniform is tight
Fingerprint me, take me name and height
Hopin it will, but I know it won't work
Illegal search

(Do you wanna see it?)

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Hey yo, Marley
Get funky

[ The Flex ]
Illegal illegal illegal search

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Real funky

(I'm gonna do it for ya)
(I'm gonna do it)

[ L.L. Cool J
Keep it right there
Funk it up

[ VERSE 4 ]
I was sued to court, the case got thrown out
I'm that man that you all read about
Put me in jail, you're doin it for clout
I only got one question: what's that all about?
Jail is somethin that I can do without
Case dismissed, and now you wanna pout
You feel like tryin it again, but you know it won't work
Illegal search

[ The Flex ]
Keep on searchin

[ L.L. Cool J ]
Illegal search
But I got all my ID, and my car's registered

Illegal searchin
Illegal search

And them cops out there
That did the wrong thing to one of my brothers
In Jersey
Keep on searching
Cause that was foul

14. The power of god lyrics

Somethin real smooth
Yeah, yeah
We'll get into the groove
Power of God move
Somethin real smooth
Somethin you need to take heed to

A basehead cleaned up his act
He stopped smokin crack and took his soul back
Decided, he could find a much better way to live
You know the way - positive
Without all the negative chemicals and drugs
Without all the hangin with the envious thugs
Never before was a man so far behind
And came back to rule for a long time
Positive will explode when you light me
My enemies lurked, and they held the dagger tightly
Wanted to taste my blood, but they got scarred
When they felt the power of God

Wickedness got crushed when the Lord came
Down with the King, cause he's evil and vain
He doesn't understand the power of a ???
Doesn't realize I'm rollin with a team
Avengin angels will come and burn
All those who saw, but refused to learn
He has no color, no shape, and no form
And like I told you before, I'm just gettin warm
Get up, get down, get on it, it ain't that hard
You can feel the power of God

Money is small and the soul stands tall
All those who don't realize this, fall
The mind of a drunken fool is a useless tool
And it's cool to be in school
And overcome and overpower, but still uplift
Your mind is a gift
You're somebody, whether you know it or not
Outside the weather is hot
People walk around with their minds in a daze
Never take the time to stop and give praise
You're lucky to live in this world
Even the starvin boys and girls
Cause life is a gift in itself
And only certain people are blessed with good health
I'm Uncle L, but you can call me Todd
I can feel the power of God

And G is the seventh letter made
G is the seventh letter made

The power of God


The babies, we gotta teach em, and hold em
Send em to school, so we can teach em, and mold em
Shape em, and make em take form
Cause their mind is like a ball of clay when it's wet and warm
Harmless and innocent
Until they're taught to be violent, and militant
This mentality gotta be erased by faith
The 12th hour is comin, we're close to the 8th
Get a chapter, and gain some knowledge
If not from the Bible or Koran, get a book from college
It's not about bein black or white
It's about everybody bein a right
I pulled out my mic, and the devil got hit hard
He felt the power of God

And G is the seventh letter made
Power of god
G is the seventh letter made

That was just a word to the wise
Cause we definitely gotta unify
And we need unity in times like these
We got to stick together
Cause we as a people
All people
Gotta make it to the promised land
LL Cool J > Mama said knock you out

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