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To/Die/For music lyrics

To/Die/For lyrics
To/Die/For is a Finnish gothic metal band. The band began in early 1999, when the musicians from the hard rock band Mary-Ann (which had existed since 1993) decided to change their musical style to gothic metal, modifying the band’s name as well. In July of that year, after recording a self-financed EP entitled Deeper Sin, they signed a record deal with Spinefarm Records. Their debut album - All Eternity - was released in Finland by the end of that year and the band then signed contracts with Nuclear Blast (for Europe) and Pony Canyon (for Japan). In 2000, the band toured Europe together with Dark Tranquillity, Sentenced and In Flames. Epilogue was released in 2001 and was followed by a tour with Lacrimosa. The album Jaded was r...
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To/Die/For albums and songs lyrics

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To/Die/For - Cult lyrics
Cult lyrics 
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Cult lyrics
1. In black  
2. Screaming birds  
3. Unknown III  
4. Mere dream  
5. You  
6. Straight up  
7. Let it bleed  
8. End of tears  
To/Die/For - Samsara lyrics
Samsara lyrics 
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Samsara lyrics
To/Die/For - Wounds Wide Open lyrics
Wounds Wide Open lyrics 
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Wounds Wide Open lyrics
To/Die/For - IV lyrics
IV lyrics 
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IV lyrics
To/Die/For - Jaded lyrics
Jaded lyrics 
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Jaded lyrics
To/Die/For - Epilogue lyrics
Epilogue lyrics 
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Epilogue lyrics
To/Die/For - All Eternity lyrics
All Eternity lyrics 
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All Eternity lyrics
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