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Snapcase music lyrics

Snapcase lyrics
Snapcase is a hardcore band from Buffalo, New York. Their records were released on the Chicago record label, Victory Records. The band was conceived in 1991, and was originally named Solid State. Orignal line up consisted of Chris Galas (vocals), Scott Dressler (guitar), Joe Smith (guitar), Daryl Taberski (bass), and Mike Kimaid (drums). After the release of their first 7 inch “Comatose”, Galas was replaced on vocals by Taberski, Jon Salemi joined and replaced Joe Smith. and Bob Whiteside took over on bass. In 1993, Kimaid left the band and was replaced on drums by Tim Redmond. Their first full length “Lookinglassself” was released in 1993. In 1995, the band released the “Steps” EP. This was the last ...
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Snapcase albums and songs lyrics

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Snapcase - Bright Flashes lyrics
Bright Flashes lyrics 
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Bright Flashes lyrics
Snapcase - End Transmission lyrics
End Transmission lyrics 
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End Transmission lyrics
Snapcase - Designs For Automotion lyrics
Designs For Automotion lyrics 
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Designs For Automotion lyrics
Snapcase - Progression Through Unlearning lyrics
Progression Through Unlearning lyrics 
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Progression Through Unlearning lyrics
Snapcase - Lookinglasself lyrics
Lookinglasself lyrics 
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Lookinglasself lyrics
1. Drain Me  
2. Filter  
3. Incarnation  
4. Deceived  
5. Lookinglasself  
6. No Bridge  
7. Covered  
8. Another's Life  
9. Fields Of Illusion  
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