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A Survival Campaign lyrics - Skyclad song

Skyclad - A Survival Campaign lyrics
  • track 5 of 13, total running time
  • album A Semblance Of Normality
  • released in 2004
  • produced by
  • record label
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A Semblance Of Normality(2004)
1. Intro (pipes Solo)
2. Do They Mean Us ?
3. A Good Day To Bury Bad News
4. Anotherdrinkingsong
5. A Survival Campaign
6. The Song Of No-involvement
7. The Parliament Of Fools
8. Ten Little Kingdoms
9. Likea Ballad For The Disenchanted
10. Lightening The Load
11. Ntrwb (not The Roman Wall Blues)
12. Hybrid Blues
13. Outro (the Dissolution Of Parliament)
A Survival Campaign

[or A young Mr Polly takes the train]

So we lie and wait for dreaded and demanding down
Come wrest us from our safe and sleepy beds
Over by the windown lie the raiment and the weapons
That we need to take into this world today
Armoured by opinion, with statistic and schoolboy's charm
We take our plce amongst the rank and file
Young and proud and free, we are the 'gilded youth'
The chosen 'few'
The vanguard of our generation here

Marching out in the battle, after the glory in this enterprise
Likes pieces on a board, we're pushed around
As cannons roar and missiles fly, into this melee we are thrown
We dearly learn survival has her price
Now profit is a noble cause, we're honourbound to follow on
Believing 'Good' and 'Right' are on our side
Will we be remembered in dispatches or in legends long
Will our story often be retold ?

But dragons slain in PC games
just can't assuage, you anger reigns,
You struggle on in spite of all you learn,
Baffled by their industry and bold commercial wizzardry
The young crusader's beaten by the game
Yet in a quiet shade of evening when I lay me down
And relive all the struggles we have made
A smile creeps cross the lace that bears
the scars of war time can't erase,
I loosen off my grip and fade away
I loosen off my grip and fade away
I loosen off my grip and fade away
I loosen off my grip and fade away
I finaly close my eyes and fade away

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