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Fainting By Numbers lyrics - Skyclad song

Skyclad - Fainting By Numbers lyrics
  • track 10 of 13, total running time
  • album The Answer Machine?
  • released in 1997
  • produced by
  • record label
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The Answer Machine?(1997)
1. A Clown Of Thorns
2. Building A Ruin
3. Worn Out Sole To Heel
4. Single Phial
5. Helium
6. The Thread Of Evermore
7. Eirenarch
8. Troublesometimes
9. Isle Of Jura
10. Fainting By Numbers
11. My Naked I
12. Catherine At The Wheel
13. Dead Angels On Ice
Fainting By Numbers

[time: 03:43]
[Lyrics: Martin Walkyier]
[Music: Steve Ramsey & Georgina Biddle]

Number One - the only number I can really trust,
Dual faceted - these people that I talk to when I must.
In triplicate my body hangs - left drying in the sun,
Four horses at the starting gate - their riders waiting on my gun.

Misused just like the pentagram - distrusted as the Pentagon,
Six sided is this box I've made - you'll dance on it when I am gone.
Seven times I've wondered whether Heaven's truly waiting there,
I smoke another eight ball to convince myself I couldn't care.

The bulb's blown in the neon nine that once shone from my cloud,
Down the street at Number Ten they're talking long and loud.
Life's a game of two halves - I'm not on the team of winners,
Each time I set the table - seems that Judas comes to dinner.

Thirteen black cats cross my path - ignoring all the others,
There is no bride waiting for me - I'm not one of seven brothers.
Fate serves an ace (fifteen-love) - I'm set to take a bruising,
'cause at sixteen I graduated from the school of losing.

Count me out,
Why don't you count me out?
Said you can count me out,
Go find another easy number.

First catch me in your internet - unload me down your modem,
Then brand me with a barcode, 'cause the fax of life you know them.

Count me out!

Oh what fun at twenty one - you stole the key to my front door,
You don't need me - you won't feed me (I'm not even sixty-four).
Fifty two - how it suits you to fool me with your magic tricks,
What's this birthmark on my head? - Bet it's the number six, six, six.

Count me out,
Why don't you count me out?
Said you can count me out,
Go find another easy number.

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last updated 2016-12-07
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