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Great Blow For A Day Job lyrics - Skyclad song

Skyclad - Great Blow For A Day Job lyrics
  • track 2 of 12, total running time
  • album Oui Avant-garde A Chance
  • released in 1996
  • produced by
  • record label
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Oui Avant-garde A Chance(1996)
1. If I Die Laughing, It'll Be An Act Of God
2. Great Blow For A Day Job
3. Constance Eternal
4. Postcard From Planet Earth
5. Jumping My Shadow
6. Bombjour!
7. History Lessens (the Final Examination)
8. A Badtime Story
9. Come On Eileen
10. Master Race
11. Bombed Out
12. Penny Dreadful (full Shilling Mix)
Great Blow For A Day Job

[time: 4:19]
[Lyrics: Martin Walkyier]
[Music: Graeme English]

Hear my tale - I'm norman normal, always humble, mild and meek.
In my bank a lowly banker - run-down brach on nowhere street
'till one day a stranger called - a fetid bible black he laughed,
said 'Sonny I don't want your money, I don't need an overdraft.

Boy you have a great potential, don't you let it go to waste.
My offer ends - so it's essential that you hurry on (make haste!).
For a life of milk and honey sign along the dotted line...
Thirty years of girls and money - at the end your soul is mine!'

No one can dissuade me - I'm donw on my knees,
my conscience says 'No' - my libido 'Yes please!'
If I put my pen to paper for eternity I'm damned.
If I don't I'll never be the singer in a fiddel band.
Can anyone blame me? - I don't think they'd dare,
my soul says 'No way' - But my mouth cries 'Oh yeah!'

Here I am - your good friend norman, not so humble anymore.
Others age - but I look younger, stronger that I did before.
I used to drive a Fiat Panda - now a lime green Cadillac.
Guess my story goes to show not all the 'devils' own' dig black.

I know there is a price I must pay for my thirty years misspent,
when my satanic manager recoups my soul (100%).
I'll meet him at the crossroads, midnight chimes - my time has come
to party with the 'porno-queens' down by the shores of acheron.

I'll party on in acheron!

No one could dissuade me - I fell to my kness,
my conscience said 'No' - my libido 'Yes please!'
I have put my pen to paper and eternally am damned,
I've squandered my immortal soul by singing in a fiddle band.
Could anyone blame me? - I don't think they dare,
my soul said 'No way' - but my mouth cried 'Oh yeah!'

'Evil I did dwell - Lewd did I live' -
It's a small price to pay for the gift that he gives.
Was it all worth it? - I'm too drunk to tell,
I swap my cocaine for the brimstone of hell.

The end.

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last updated 2016-12-07
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