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The Spiral Starecase lyrics - Skyclad

Skyclad - The Spiral Starecase lyrics
Skyclad is a British heavy metal band with strong folk influences in their music. They were formed by former Sabbat vocalist Martin Walkyier, and Satan / Blind Fury / Pariah guitarist Steve Ramsey in 1990 to represent the “ultimate pagan metal band”. From the start, they have incorporated a diverse range of influences from British folk music to German thrash metal which has fed their constantly evolving sound. They are widely considered the inventors of folk metal. The lineup remained stable for the recording of 2000’s Folk√©mon, but founding member Walkyier left the band in 2001, citing various reasons, such as financial difficulties or the bands unwillingness to tour in South America owing to security concer...
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Irrational Anthems (1996)
1. "Inequality Street"
2. "The Wrong Song"
3. "Snake Charming"
4. "Penny Dreadful"
5. "The Sinful Ensemble"
6. "My Mother In Darkness"
7. "The Spiral Starecase"
8. "No Deposit, No Return"
9. "Sabre Dance"
10. "I Dubious"
11. "Science Never Sleeps"
12. "History Lessons"
13. "Quantity Time"
The Spiral Starecase


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