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Carnivore song lyrics - Body Count music

Body Count Carnivore lyrics
  • track 1 of 11, total running time 35:55
  • album Carnivore
  • released in March 6 , 2020
  • produced by Will Putn
  • record label Century Media Records
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Carnivore tracklist

2020 via Century Media Records

1. Carnivore lyrics
2. Bum-rush
3. Thee critical beatdown
4. Ace of spades
5. Another level
6. Colors
7. When i'm gone
8. Point the finger
9. No remorse
10. The hate is real
11. 6 in da morning

Carnivore lyrics


I roam the streets at night, stalk my prey
Watch your back, nobody's safe
You won't make it to the grave
You can scream, you won't be saved
Just the echoes, cries and moans
All I leave is blood and bones
Closer to death, considered fresh
I crave for the taste of flesh
Carnivorous, it is God's will
For me to live, I have to kill
Sacrifices made each week
Strip the carcass, eat the meat
Digest these hoes, kill, repeat
Digest these hoes, kill, repeat
As savage as this all may seem
I am called the human being


Bloodthirsty, some may say
I have always been this way
Watched my mother clean a fish
Gut a chicken, make a dish
I eat life to stay alive
Even plants are still a life
Carnivorous, I don't lie
Beware of me, I will survive


City streets are my domain
Gut the victims, bleed the veins
Nightly news gives my report
Sometimes I just kill for sport
Black or white, I have no race
Double barrel to your face
Leave you lying on your back
I am known to roam in packs
Ever since the birth of man
Humans died by human hand
Swords, bullets, guns, and knives
Armies, countries, gangs, and tribes
Barbaric wars of mega-death
Animals that stand erect
Murder, and we lust for more
Yes, I am the carnivore

More info about Carnivore lyrics

check here the lyrics for Carnivore, the 1th song of the 11 recorded for the album Carnivore, with a total running time of 35:55, by Body Count. It was released on March 6 , 2020 via Century Media Records, and produced by Will Putn.
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