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Watain music lyrics

Watain lyrics
Watain is a Swedish black metal band, formed in Uppsala, Sweden in 1998. The name is taken from a recording by the American black metal group Von. Their first release was the 7? EP ?The Essence of Black Purity? on Swedish Grimrune Productions, recorded in Necromorbus Studios 1999. The French black metal label Drakkar Productions offered Watain a deal for two full length albums, and the debut album ?Rabid Death?s Curse? was released in 2000. After the release, Watain toured and performed alongside bands such as Rotting Christ, Antaeus, Dark Funeral, Malign etc. In 2003 Watain once again entered the studio, to record their second full-length album ?Casus Luciferi?. The Stellar Dimension Infe ...
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Watain albums and songs lyrics

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Watain - Rabid Deaths Curse lyrics
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