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Violate song lyrics - Machine head music

Machine head Violate lyrics
  • track 8 of 10, total running time
  • album The more things change
  • released in 1997
  • produced by
  • record label
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The more things change tracklist

1997 via

1. Ten ton hammer Ten ton hammer Youtube video included
2. Take my scars Take my scars Youtube video included
3. Struck a nerve
4. Down to none
5. The frontlines
6. Spine
7. Bay of pigs
8. Violate lyrics
9. Blistering
10. Blood of the zodiac

Violate lyrics

i want you to know this
i want you to know just what i feel
you told me through sacred lies
i told you once with bloodshot eyes
you told me don't ask
just stay away from me
you told me it'd be alright
i told you once, then told you twice
you can't face
can't you face me

i won't pray for you
i can't pray for you
because you took it away
because you took it from me

[first verse]

thought i could never ever fuckin' find another
get a muthafuckin' chance again
because th epower is the rage that can devour
gotta make that fear descend

without it, you ain't shit
and you ain't shit to me
berating, a scathing
grave idignity
i see the look inside your eyes
it makes me sick
defiling innocence
is how you get your kicks
you violate, and then you think yourself a man
you violate, and then you call yourself a man
don't come my way
don't care what you say
pray you fuckin' die
before you feel my...


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check here the lyrics for Violate, the 8th song of the 10 recorded for the album The more things change, with a total running time of , by Machine head. It was released on via , and produced by .
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