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Second Skin lyrics - Moonspell song

Moonspell - Second Skin lyrics
track 7 of 16, total running time
album The Great Silver Eye
released in 2007
produced by
record label
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The Great Silver Eye(2007)
1. Wolfshade
2. Vampiria
3. Alma Mater
4. Opium
5. Raven Claws
6. Full Moon Madness
7. Second Skin
8. Magdalene
9. Soulsick
10. Lustmord
11. Firewalking
12. Nocturna
13. Everything Invaded
14. Capricorn At Her Feet
15. Finisterra
16. Luna
Second Skin

Crawl me into your second skin
And teach me everything

Second skin

Through your eyes a voyeur
Through your veils of a visionaire
Talk to me about those things
No other soul would care.

Outcast all the colours that I still have
Camouflage me so I can fall and stand
Somewhere between an underrated angel
And all those citizens marked with an X-Sex.

Second skin

Tissue apart and right to the heart
Teach me the wonders of your moral blade
So I can stand still while you have to kill
All that was yours before and now has to fade away

Draw me the fine line between religion and crime
You are one more son of God you can never be wrong
But aren't we all?

As we sit and wait
For the serpent to bite our very own tail.

As I sit and wait
For the serpent to bite my very own tail.

Second skin

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